Traditional Mass Crisis

The Wild Claim The Vatican Is Making That Is Raising Eyebrows

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Please review postDid Paul VI formally suppress the Traditional Latin Mass or are Archbishop Roche and Francis blowing hot air again? Audio: Video: Sources:

Francis’ Hirelings Tell The Truth About The Latin Mass Ban

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Please review postA document was leaked over the weekend to One Peter 5 and to GloriaTV that reveal the intent and consequences of Traditionis Custodes and the total lack of deep thinking on the part of those tasked with enforcing it in the Vatican. Audio: Video: Sources:

FSSP Laity Ask Bishop Who Banned Their Masses For Dialogue

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Please review postThis might work, and asking Francis to defend and uphold the faith might work too, right? Audio: Video: Sources: Text of the letter from the listener: Further Message to be Given Throughout the Catholic Community Catholic brethren, I have given this letter, a successive continuation of my letter to our archdiocese, to …