Francis Apologies To Jimmy Martin & Puts The Conservative Bishops On Notice

He didn’t reiterate Catholic teaching, he softened it. YouTube Spotify Source https://

Martyr Bishop Warns Of Destructive Synod

Cardinal Zen has suffered for the Church in China but that hasn’t kept him from being worried about the health of the universal Church. YouTube Spotify Source

Saturday: Francis Appoints Blatant Heretic

Two videos today, as has become the norm for a Saturday. The educational video is below. Francis Appoints Open Heretic YouTube Spotify Sources Candlemas and the Purification of the Church | Archbishop Lefebvre YouTube Spotify

The Threat On Which The Council Hangs | Archbishop Vigano

Vigano’s follow up to his letter from this past weekend on heresy coming from the papacy. YouTube Spotify Source English translation: “THE THREAD ON WHICH THE COUNCIL HANGS.” A response to Reid, Cavadini, Healy, Weinandy. Dan 11, 31 I have been following with interest the current debate on Traditionis Custodes and Dom Alcuin Reid’sContinue reading “The Threat On Which The Council Hangs | Archbishop Vigano”

Rome Does NOTHING As Parish Desecrations Escalate

Why are we Catholics such pushovers? YouTube Sources

Breaking Bombshell Report: Benedict XVI Book

Having Benedict confirm everything we’ve said about the bishops is a good thing. YouTube Source Yesterday an absolute bombshell was released, something completely unprecedented in the history of the Catholic Church. No English speaking news outlets have discussed it, and I believe we are witnessing mass media censorship. Benedict XVI published a posthumous bookContinue reading “Breaking Bombshell Report: Benedict XVI Book”

Francis Publicly Rejects Church Infallible Teaching

You cannot be absolved from sins in the confessional unless you have the intention to go forth and sin no more. Not that Francis seems to care about that. YouTube Spotify Sources

Sunday Special: Vigano, and Blessed Ann Catherine Emmerich

The Charge of Heresy coming from the very top of the Church seems provocative but Marian apparitions appear to have warned of this going back to at least the 19th century, if not earlier. Vigano: YouTube Spotify Source Emmerich: The Wickedness of Ancient Priests YouTube Spotify:

Saturday Roundup: Latin Mass Ban, part 2, and Fighting Heresy

Happy weekend folks. My apologies for the bad news on a Saturday. Latin Mass ban Part 2: YouTube Spotify Source Fighting Heresy With St Francis de Sales (Pius XI, 1923) YouTube Source