New Proof That The Great Apostasy May Already Be Here

When you really dive into the numbers, very few Catholics today are actually Catholic. YouTube: Spotify: Sources:

Francis Utters Heresy About The Mass And No One Cares

Francis doesn’t even have a Catholic belief about the Mass. Can people accept the obvious please? YouTube: Spotify: Sources:

The Servants Of Satan Are Coming For Your Rosary

The author of the now infamous hit piece on the rosary being a symbol of far right extremism also thinks the flag behind me in every video is a symbol of Canadian white nationalism. YouTube: Spotify: Sources:

The Dire Warning Of Our Lady Of La Salette That Rome Tried To Hide

The apparitions at La Salette were warnings about corruption in the Church and the growing faithlessness of society. Rome tried to suppress key aspects of this controversial message. YouTube: Spotify: Sources:

We Were Warned: The Real Meaning Of The Smoke Of Satan

Paul VI’s famous line about the smoke of Satan entering the Church is often repeated but not understood. One Cardinal who knew Paul VI personally tried to tell people what it meant. Few listened. YouTube: Spotify: Sources:

Francis Praises The Demonic Work Of Fr James Martin, SJ

He’s only condemning souls to the pit. What’s the big deal, right? YouTube: Spotify: Sources: Jimmy Akin’s survey

Cardinal Burke Encourages The Faithful While Francis Smears Traditional Catholics As Evil

How should we handle the crisis in the Church? YouTube: Spotify: Sources:

Francis’ Next Big Satanic Heresy Revealed

Rome has been signaling for years that Francis will revoke Humanae Vitae. That move looks imminent. YouTube: Spotify: Sources:


The crime of potentially 100,000 Catholics? Fr Altman participating in a resistance march for Catholics. YouTube: Spotify: Sources: