Francis’ New Doctrine Chief Is Persecuting Faithful Catholics

Given that he runs the office that used to house the Holy Inquisition, this is almost appropriate, since he called us heretics recently. YouTube Spotify Sources

Francis Has Been Accused Of Protecting An Evil Priest From Facing Justice

YouTube tends to not like when I use words like ‘nun rapist’ but that’s what we’re dealing with here. YouTube Spotify Sources

Bishop Strickland Defended By High Profile Bishop: How Will Rome Respond?

Its expected that Bishop Strickland will be asked to resign before the Synod fall meeting begins on October 4. YouTube Spotify Sources

Vatican Cardinals Tells Us We Have To Resist Heretic Bishops, Plus A Lesson From The Church Fathers

Saturdays are always a double dose of videos, and today is no different. Vatican Cardinal: YouTube Spotify Source Church Fathers YouTube Spotify

Francis’ New Doctrine Chief Labels Traditionalists Heretics

Ah yes, the people who want the same faith to remain unchanged, bad people in the hierarchy removed from their posts for their evil deeds, and the Church to stand up against evil in the world. Those are the heretics. YouTube Spotify Sources

What Are They Afraid Of? The Synod Is Now Shrouded In Secrecy

They’re protecting the Synod deliberations under the pontifical secret. That probably won’t stop leaks from happening. YouTube Spotify Sources

Francis Goes On Yet Another Unhinged Screed Against Traditionalists

The trip to Mongolia was historically bad, but the truth and impact of it got lost in the west due to the news about Bishop Strickland and Fr Altman. YouTube Spotify Sources