Major Pop Star BEGS Francis To Hear Her Confession

After recording this she released some grotesquely impure material for the public, so clearly the concept of confession hasn’t fully sunk in yet. YouTube: Spotify: Sources:

Francis Hammers Traditional Catholics Again While The Church In America Faces Persecution

The man is incapable of resisting every opportunity to hammer us for clinging to the faith as it had always been taught. YouTube: Spotify: Sources:

Francis Unleashes More Heresy The Church Previously Condemned

Francis has been on a roll lately, adopting Protestant notions of theology and going after the faithful. Meanwhile, Francis fiddles while vocations continue to collapse. Video: Spotify: Sources: https://www.

Francis Has Inflicted A Schism Upon The Church

And here’s the thing about that: we’re not supposed to talk about there being at least two different religions occupying the same theological space. Video: Spotify: Sources: https://www.