The Vatican Is Under Attack! Who Is Responsible?

Is Rome being punished because Francis said something he thought was true about Russia/Ukraine? YouTube: Spotify: Sources:

Heretic Bishops Threaten Schism If They Don’t Get Their Way

The temper tantrum is real. YouTube: Spotify: Sources:

Francis Just Seized Control Of The Most Important Catholic Charity

Either every major Catholic charity is corrupt or something else is going on. YouTube: Sources: Pius XII: Remember The North American Martyrs:

Bishop Athanasius Schneider: The Synod On Synodality Is Satanic Heresy

Pretending a predetermined outcome is a democratic moment in the Church isn’t Catholic, its evil. YouTube: Spotify: Source:

Heretic Bishops Again Warned by Rome Not To Embrace Heresy Without Rome

Wait for us, is basically the message the German bishops are getting from Rome. YouTube: Spotify: Sources: