BREAKING: Cardinal Cupich BANS The Latin Mass For Easter

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Many of us predicted this and no one is bragging about being right




St John Cantius’ response:

Bishop Schneider on the SSPX:

Bishop Schneider on the SSPX


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3 thoughts on “BREAKING: Cardinal Cupich BANS The Latin Mass For Easter

  1. “Blaze” Cupich, nuff said. Nonetheless, pray for him anyway. Image the witness if converts to authentic Traditional Catholicism.

  2. What reassurance and certitude one walks away with after each and every clarification from Bishop Schneider! . . . always derived from his SUPERNATURAL outlook on the Faith. I, for one,
    always appreciates his knowledge and grasp of Church HISTORY. It’s to stand back and view the whole TREE of the Sacred Deposit of Faith, which frees the Faithful from the myopic and erroneous and instantaneously-gratifying fascination with the BARK of another treeΒ β€”unseen
    in the whole, because too close to the barkΒ β€”whose attractive fruit is poisonous.


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