Francis’ Hirelings Are Using Diabolic Language To Destroy The Faith

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They’re ramping up the propaganda.




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2 thoughts on “Francis’ Hirelings Are Using Diabolic Language To Destroy The Faith

  1. A p.s. to my previous comment: “There is need in the soul for the
    presence of God in His naked essence. And, though some people
    like to speak of the ‘historical Christ’, it is Christ on the altar that
    matters . . For a member of the household of the true Faith, it is
    Christ in His Eucharistic Presence that the Saints go to for warmth
    of heart and mind and the consolations they stand in need of all
    the time they find themselves away from the home of the soul . . ”
    (Charlie Rich, 1899 – 1998. “Taste And See the Sweetness of
    the Lord,”/ Honey From The Rock: Sixteen Jews Find the
    Sweetness of Christ, ed. Roy Schoeman, 2007, Ignatius Press)

  2. “It is mostly local ecclesial experiences that determine the dynamics of Catholicism.” Thus spake
    ‘pope’ Massimo. With over-weaning pride and unfounded certainty. Question: what portion of
    “local ecclesial experiences” include Eucharistic Adoration ?? I know I’ve just jumped off the
    political lingo bandwagon . . into a mostly eviscerated empty Church. Once again: “The Church and the world have a great need for Eucharistic worship. Jesus awaits us in this sacrament of love. Let us not refuse the time to go to meet him in adoration, IN CONTEMPLATION FULL OF FAITH, AND OPEN TO MAKING AMENDS FOR THE SERIOUS OFFENCES ANC CRIMES OF THE WORLD. Let OUR Adoration never cease.” (Pope St.John Paul II; CCC 1380). Who today is DOING this?


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