Is Francis About To Meet His Maker? That Rumor AGAIN!

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This is only the third time this year this rumor has come out of Rome. Every time a rumor comes from Rome its because the powers that be want it to come out.




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2 thoughts on “Is Francis About To Meet His Maker? That Rumor AGAIN!

  1. Impossible ! Pope Francis is the false prophet of Revelations. He has his task as part of the unholy trinity ( antichrist and False messiah( false Jesus) to deceive humanity in the Tribulation.

    He has succeeded in marketing the poison and around 83% of American Catholics have taken it. However Jesus has said Repent ! and I will reverse it.
    However the mark of the beast viz the digital tattoo on the forehead and RFID chip on the right palm is irreversible and the receiver will eventually be damned into Hell which is made clear in Revelations. Sad. This unholy trinity will be vehemently marketing this with considerable success. Sad for us.

    This MOB will be introduced after the economic collapse, famine conditions when cash, cards, gold etc don’t work.

    The Book of Revelations again clearly states that this unholy trinity pushing the MOB will be body and soul cast into the lake of fire………….No physical death.

  2. Once again, thanks for your detailed update. But this time ’round —pardon my wooden-headed absence of “Got it!” — I’m beginning to view ANYthing “official” coming out of the Vatican as nothing more than a series of lame jokes. If they do not take Truth seriously, why should we take THEM seriously, huh ??

    And, yes, my good wife and I DO pray for Francis every morning,
    first thing, in the context of the Chaplet to St.Michael and Fatima’s “Morning Offering”.

    Meanwhile, looks like the proverbial, ancient “Vatican Intrigues”
    are alive and well.

    Thank God for our Guardian Angels and their Lay charges!

    Prairie Gramps,


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