The Hammer Is About To Fall On The FSSP

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A new document against Tradition is coming from Rome. Be ready for it.




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2 thoughts on “The Hammer Is About To Fall On The FSSP

  1. Hey — my posts are being censored on youtube. Here’s what I wanted to post:

    I have this idea that the Vatican’s move against the Latin liturgy is a sledgehammer reaction and response to the claim of Bp Vigano that Vatican II should be wiped off the books. They haven’t mentioned him by name, but the Pope’s motu proprio, as I recall, made the claim that the proponents of TLM were anti-Vatican II partisans — well, that would be Vigano. So, the m.p. was to kill two birds with one stone – make its response to Vigano — and to anyone who sympathizes with him. Francis’s fight has gotten personal — with this frontal attack on Vigano.


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