What In The World Did Francis Just Admit?!

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What did he mean by calling us all ‘rigid restorationists’ exactly?





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2 thoughts on “What In The World Did Francis Just Admit?!

  1. It is interesting that Mahoney is trotted out by the bishops to the catholic media just as they make noises about writing on “eucharistic coherence,” given his incoherent denial of the Real Presence during his active ministry in the 1990s which earned him Mother Angelica’s famous rebuke.

  2. Yes, let us pray for the Bishops who may come up with something definitive on the proper reception of the Body and Blood of Christ and its application to all the faithful including those in Catholics in the public eye.

    My guess is that will do exactly that. However, my guess is that we will also here little about this in our parishes or in the public media. In other words, it will all be a meaningless genuflection to Catholic tradition and our Church leaders will continue greasing the slide into hell for the bulk of our Catholic population.


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