The Vatican’s Next Demonic Move Against Tradition Confirmed

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Not one but two anti-Catholic documents are coming from Rome in March.




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3 thoughts on “The Vatican’s Next Demonic Move Against Tradition Confirmed

  1. Christ isn’t “asleep in the boat”: the boat is now a pagan canoe with Pachamama honored by the entire hierarchy in the Vatican.

    1. “The task of Ecclesiastical Freemasonry is to destroy Christ and His Church and to replace it
      with an idol, a false christ and a false church” To The Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons,
      1989, #406g. The true Christ remains asleep in St.Peter’s tossing boat [ and when HE awakens,
      watch out ! ] The false christ is, of course, not asleep but very much awake, about the dirty business of “shockery mockery at the cross roads”. (Eddie Doherty, A Cricket In My Heart).

  2. Well, Anthony, the clue to these dire straits can be found in a related interview: Fr. Gerald Murray interviewed by Dr. scot Hahn. In short, Christ is asleep in the boat. Storm’s brewing. Apostles all excited in fear. Jesus asleep, and, when awakened, STILL not afraid. Instead He rebukes his fellow seafarers (first), then the wind. “Oh you of little faith! . . ”
    If the two year “pandemonium” isolated anything it is the glaring lack of Faith of the Bishops. Masks, “social distancing”, during Holy Communion ??
    A Century ago, in Russia (before the Commie take-over), during Communion time at Mass, Catherine Doherty’s Dad (a decorated army guy) excoriated the would-be communicant in front of him, who side-stepped the dishevelled person further up the line. The Russian Colonel let this “better than thou” guy have it: (paraphrasing) “Christ remains Christ, the Divine Physician, whether the one receiving Him has leprosy, small pox, lice, or the smells.”


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