Podcast: Profiles of the Lavender Mafia: Roger Mahony

Yes, it’s that time again, thanks to the installation Mass of Archbishop Wilton Gregory. There’s an attempt to rehabilitate Roger Mahony going on right now, with his various public appearances that defy decency.

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Podcast: The Vatican Is Still Pushing For Women Deacons

Yes, I say it’s the Vatican doing the pushing because the truth is that the Roman Curia is full of revolutionaries who care nothing for the faith, sacred tradition, or anything really save for politics. That may sound like a provocative statement but I stand by it.

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Guest Submission: The LGBT Political Campaign Behind Pope Francis’ Election

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by David Martin

With theologians and bishops aghast over what some are calling ‘the most terrible schism the world has ever seen,’ it behooves the Catholic hierarchy to take a closer look at the 2013 papal election since it appears to have raised to the Chair of Peter “a man, not canonically elected.”

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Guest Submission: The Apocalypse (fiction)

Anthony’s note: I’ve been ill for several days. Sources for videos will (hopefully) go up tomorrow. — Anthony

The Apocalypse, by Alda Rizzo

The day started as usual.  As she made her way to the bathroom, the cats started to come up the stairs.  Princie, peered in and looked at her.  She slowly reached her hand to him and he slowly started to purr and make his way into the bathroom.  All the others followed in seeing she was in a pleasant mood.  Too many got in, no sooner she started to yell “Please, I don’t bother you guys when you do your thing, get the freaking out of here, I can’t breathe!!” to which they all scurried away, except for Nino, the Blue Russian who thinks he’s a  baby.  She didn’t have the heart to kick him out, she grabbed him and started to kiss him, to which he turned and tried to  bite her elbow, an area that Nino could not control but bite, his favorite spot.

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