Sabbath Sunday: St. Basil The Great, The Hexaemeron 1

It’s always interesting listening to or reading homilies by the Fathers of the Church. This is especially true of Doctors of the Church. St. Basil the Great is one such notable figure. In my video below I provide an introduction to the Seraphic Doctor. In short, however, it’s noteworthy the absolutely different level his homily was on compared the the soft vapid homilies we receive in 99% of parishes today.

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Podcast/AudioBook: The Compendium of Christian Doctrine, aka the Catechism of Pope St. Pius X, part 3

This book is a favorite among traditional Catholics for the use of catechesis. It’s presentation is pretty straightforward: divided into sections, with each section focusing on a topic that is explored in a question and answer session. This is part 3 because I am uploading it weekly in 30-40 minute segments.

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Podcast: Another Diocese Reveals Abuse Allegations

We should get used to this. Many dioceses around the US have launched their own internal investigations about past abuses and the cover up of bad priests and their predatory behavior. But this is worth paying attention to beyond the salacious details because the response by the Bishops and how they choose to address the issues are very revealing. It’s a sad state of things when the response does not get to the heart of the problem, and I don’t mean only sexually immoral men in the priesthood.

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Podcast: Your Guide To Modernist Vocabulary, Part 1

One of my favorite things about Modernism is ambiguity. Part of ambiguity, which Archbishop Vigano rightly called ‘weaponized,’ is that ambiguity provides a great deal of flexibility to those who use it. In terms of vocabulary it can be damning in that ambiguous language can be used to mean anything.  To that end, I present part 1 in an intermittent series on the use of terms we’ve all heard used by the Modernists but have almost never been defined by them. So I define them for you, both in what I think they mean and what they really mean. If you want sources you can easily find them.

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Thoughts on “Tone”

Tone policing is the practice of calling people out for the tone they take when making an argument. This is most noticeable when difficult subjects are talked about, especially divisive ones that tug on the heartstrings or involve controversial subjects that conflict with a social sense of justice and fairness. In Catholic circles the best example of tone policing that I can come up with on the fly is that of Michael Voris and Church Militant, who are often criticized for their ‘tone.’ For year, Voris and company reported on the crises in the Church and correctly diagnosed at least part of the problem as having to do with sexual purity and conformity to Catholic morality, or the lack thereof.

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Podcast: That’s Blasphemous: January 16, 2019, plus an update

First, the update: I received a notice from SubscribeStar saying that my account was ready for supporters. For those of you who have messaged me saying that you were waiting on SubscribeStar to be ready, my profile can be found here. Second, you may notice in the coming days some changes to this blog. I’ve upgraded my site plan with the host and am hoping to make this place more vibrant than it has been. Keep an eye out for the changes.

Now, the podcast/video: I was a foiled a bit in making this video by a personal failing. I wanted to include a trailer for some show that was blasphetacular, but unfortunately the trailer for the show was scrubbed from Twitter, which is where I saw it. I haven’t been able to find it, nor can I remember the name of the channel/service that made the show. It detailed a woman in a parish drunkenly telling a statue of the Virgin Mary that she was leaving the Church. It was gross and was going to be given a place of prominence in this video. Sadly, this is what happens when I don’t download video immediately when I find it.

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Keto and the Danger of Sugar Alcohols

I know, not a typical post for this blog, but bear with me. A couple of weeks ago I wrote a short piece called ‘not a resolution’ where I detailed my return to a ketogenic lifestyle after a few failed attempts. I started again on the 29th of December after returning home from a typical Christmas visit with family. I had attempted to start this diet again about two weeks before Christmas but discovered that it was a big inconvenience for everyone around me while on my visit that I paused the diet and tried to just be reasonable in general. I regained the water weight but the total weight gain returned me to just shy of my initial starting point, a plus by any measure.

So in the second week of this I decided to eat too many Quest bars and Quest protein cookies. Why? They’re easy to carry and I had to be out and about several times in the week, leaving me with few food options. Quest products are sweetened with sugar alcohols, Erythitol to be specific. Sugar alcohols are the latest innovation in fake diet food technology, enabling you to have fake versions of non-keto foods, like the cookies I had eaten. The trouble you run into is this: too much sugar alcohol and the ketogenic bioprocess shuts down entirely, meaning no weight loss. In fact, I retained water, leaving me fully stalled on the diet.

Imagine being otherwise good on your nutrition plan. You eat the calories and netcarbs that you’re supposed to eat, and all goes well until you step on the scale and you’ve not lost even a fraction of a pound. Ooops. That happened to me. Sugar alcohols generally work like this: they taste sweet like sugar does but your body doesn’t recognize them as sugar and can’t digest them. You pass them out, typically in your urine. At least that’s my understanding of them, expressed in an oversimplified manner.

I stepped on the scale Saturday and saw no weightloss whatsoever despite having been pretty good in the previous week. Later in that same day I noticed the telltale sign of my body being back into the ketogenic state (the weird metallic taste) and stepped on the scale the next morning. Down 2.5 pounds. Pretty good, but it would’ve been much, much better if I hadn’t been eating those Quest products in the amount that I had been over the previous several days.

I’m not saying avoid Quest products either. Far from it. They’re convenient and taste as good as something like that can. Just use them in moderation, and don’t use multiple products at a time unless you’ve lost all the weight you need to and are now in maintenance or even bulking.

My general plan is this: this week, no products with sugar alcohol in them whatsoever, just to make sure my system is cleared of them. That’ll be hard because I’ve found barbecue sauce and ketchup made with them and they’re not bad at all, in addition to those Quest products I mentioned. No matter though. In the place of those Quest products will be judiciously measured nuts of some kind, almonds or mixed nuts. Nuts are dangerous on keto because it’s easy to binge on them but I figure that I’m better of just measuring them out and taking my chances that way. I’m in the mindset to largely not snack, so it should be fine.

Have questions about keto? I’ve done it for so long (off and on) that it’s almost a second nature lifestyle for me now.

VIDEO: The Strange Case of the Slaves Of The Immaculate Heart of Mary