Francis: Do Not Cling To The Rigid Certainties Of The Faith

You know, I saw a stat recently that says that most Catholics in America approve of the job Francis is doing. That’s the biggest blackpill of all blackpills I think. Audio: Video: Sources:

We Were Warned: God Will Pour Forth His Wrath

Our Lady of Marienfried is another relatively unknown Marian apparition from post-war Germany that came warning of dire events in the future and the need for penance. Audio: Video: Sources: Freze, Michael. Voices, Visions and Apparitions. Our Sunday Visitor (November 1993) Rumpf, Martin. Divine Love (magazine) #86, Apostolate of Christian Action (1981).

Bishop Athanasius Schneider: The Evil Campaign Against Sacred Tradition and the Faith Will Fail

Some encouraging words from Bishop Schneider to start the week off. Audio: Video: Sources: (copy and paste the links) Schneider Bishop Varden

Pachamama & The Rise Of The Beast

Today is the Feast of St Francis of Assisi and the 2 Year Anniversary of the Enthronement of the Pacha Demon in the Vatican. Audio: Video: Sources: at continue=782&v=1wioisaIU2I .