Vigano: Francis’ Infernal Campaign To Bury The Church

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Vigano issued a statement that most people missed, and he writes in defense of the deposit of the faith.




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2 thoughts on “Vigano: Francis’ Infernal Campaign To Bury The Church

  1. Mom and Dad (R.I,P.) had —in five years —twins, a “single”, then another set of twins. That was during the closing months of
    WW II (1944) and beyond. It wasn’t long before neighbours —even immediate relatives —began calling our young family the proverbial “Rabbit Family”, which was not the reason for emigrating to Canada. Basically, the price of eggs was.
    Nine of us were raised here. each a thriving asset to this “Big windy Country” (Pope John Paul II), even during our Senior years. (. . all except Marion, who passed in the prime of her youth).
    So now, it seems, we have Pope dressed in a sheep’s “woolies” (ambiguities), showing his teeth, intending to bite.
    We keep praying for him daily anyway. Can’t allow an unhappy
    Pontiff disturb our Peace of Soul!

  2. God commanded, “be fruitful & multiple”. The Vatican welcomes depopulation ideologues & large Catholic families are mocked and compared to rabbits. Our Lord commanded ” make disciples of all nations”. The Vatican yells, “don’t proselytize”. Our Lord has said “He” is the way. The Vatican replies, God wills all religions (if so, what was the point of Our Lord’s passion?) God hates divorce…….. Anyone not seeing the pattern or think they can cooperate with evil is on that “wide path that leads to destruction”. Pray the rosary daily! VIVA CRISTO REY!


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