Podcast: Diminishing Expectations For The Bishops Abuse Meeting

I suppose we shouldn’t expect much, right? Given that the accusation is that the powers that be in the Vatican have known for decades about clerical abuse, the idea that the Vatican staffed by largely the same people changing things up and reforming themselves is a bit of a stretch.

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Podcast: Why Andrew Cuomo Won’t Be Excommunicated

The idea that Andrew Cuomo will get excommunicated is laughable while the Catholic Church is married at the hip to the US Government, the UN, and various international funding bodies that stand in stark opposition to Catholic morality.

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Podcast and Weekend Update

Typically on weekends I try to stay away from the meltdown of the Church. I really, really, really try. But the past week has made that impossible, as Cardinal Dolan, in true politico fashion, makes his statement about Andrew Cuomo and excommunication on a Friday evening, when almost no one is paying attention.

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Podcast: We Were Warned: The Visions of Alois Irlmaier

This was a pretty blackpilling week, all things considered, so I decided to give you a video about the Great Chastisement, the Three Days of Darkness, World War III, and the coming of the Great Prince. When that’s uplifting stuff you know it’s bad.

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Podcast: Andrew Cuomo and the Moloch Worshipers of New York

Rage has at this point given into despair. This has been a rough week for Catholics, and everywhere I look I see complicity among the laity and the clergy in the abuse of young Catholics by pagans and now with the legalization of ritual murder up to birth in New York.

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Podcast: World Youth Day Gets Some ACRONYM Visitors

I suppose we shouldn’t be that surprised that those who lobby for heterodox and heretical views to be accepted by the Church would visit this gathering. After all, as I reported elsewhere, the Women’s Ordination Conference showed up at the Synod for the Corruption of the Youth last year, as did ACRONYM groups. Does World Youth Day have a point anymore? Is it good optics in the midst of a sexual predator crisis? Is it pure Modernism?

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Podcast: Women’s Ordination Update, January 22, 2019

If the title suggests that I think Deaconesses are definitely coming, well, let’s just say that If things continue on the track that they are that I think we’ll all be singing ‘ordain a lady’ as we watch the Church get turned into a mockery of herself within 2 or 3 years, unless the Lord intervenes Himself.

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Podcast: Ecclesia Dei Commission Officially Suppressed

Traditional Catholics began hearing whispers of the suppression of Ecclesia Dei over a year ago, and many began to panic. It’s not the time to panic, at least not yet. But we should consider what happens if this does turn into an attempt to formally abrogate the Traditional Latin Mass, regardless of that being not canonically possible.

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Sabbath Sunday: St. Basil The Great, The Hexaemeron 1

It’s always interesting listening to or reading homilies by the Fathers of the Church. This is especially true of Doctors of the Church. St. Basil the Great is one such notable figure. In my video below I provide an introduction to the Seraphic Doctor. In short, however, it’s noteworthy the absolutely different level his homily was on compared the the soft vapid homilies we receive in 99% of parishes today.

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Podcast/AudioBook: The Compendium of Christian Doctrine, aka the Catechism of Pope St. Pius X, part 3

This book is a favorite among traditional Catholics for the use of catechesis. It’s presentation is pretty straightforward: divided into sections, with each section focusing on a topic that is explored in a question and answer session. This is part 3 because I am uploading it weekly in 30-40 minute segments.

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Podcast: Another Diocese Reveals Abuse Allegations

We should get used to this. Many dioceses around the US have launched their own internal investigations about past abuses and the cover up of bad priests and their predatory behavior. But this is worth paying attention to beyond the salacious details because the response by the Bishops and how they choose to address the issues are very revealing. It’s a sad state of things when the response does not get to the heart of the problem, and I don’t mean only sexually immoral men in the priesthood.

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