Francis DID NOT End The Heretical German Synod

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A rebuke would have been ‘stop being heretics, and follow the teachings of the Church.’ Instead, Francis told them something quite different that is alarming.




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One thought on “Francis DID NOT End The Heretical German Synod

  1. Can’t wait, can they. Hmm . . whatever happened to “Patience is a virtue”, and “St. Joseph, MIRROR of Patience ??

    . . @3:57 “. . which would represent A WOUND to ecclesial communion.“ Tack this on to Francis’ far earlier statement, “The world is a field hospital, where everyone is WOUNDED and waiting for (some kind of pain-killer)”

    “ . . No one should ever FEEL that they are alienated from God’s love or ineligible for His grace and mercy.” (Card. Dolan). But . . ALL baptized Catholics ARE eligible for the Church’s Sacraments, 24/7. The Sacrament of Confession/ Reconciliation REMAINS the vehicle for re-entering (if in serious sin) “His grace and mercy”. A majority of Catholics today don’t KNOW THAT! And so, habitually operating out of such ignorance from “feelings”, they’ll continue to side-step the Confessional, that “box” perhaps being an affront to their feelings. And since Christ Himself —in the person of an Ordained Priest —sits in THAT “box”, the ignorant Catholic inadvertently continues to “alienate” him/herself “from God’s love”, from THAT love existing in the Saviour’s words, “who’s SINS (not “feelings”) you shall forgive they are forgiven them; who’s SINS you shall retrain, they are retained.”

    But Jimmy Martin’s “Outreach” flies over the protecting Walls of Rome, the Catholic Church. If his “schpiel” were actually true there’d be NO NEED for Christ, for HIS Church, or for THE REST of Jesus words to HIS disciples, NOR for the Incarnation, nor the Redemption, nor the Resurrection of Jesus Christ . . nor —as concluded in the Creed —“Life Everlasting”. That life, according to Jimmy, IS HERE, NOW, no qualifications needed. “Let’s go for (another) Coffee”.

    Sorry, Jimmy. You may continue to run your kiddie train through your alphabet soup park, ‘round and ‘round. Choo! Cho-o-o-o! But don’t you DARE suck little kids onto yer train! “To scandalize one of these little ones . . it would be better for a MILLSTONE to be hung around ( your ) neck and be drowned in the sea !” But then you’ll retort: “Scandalize? There’s no such thing.”

    Anthony, in your “Freedom in Danger” video, we learn from Bishop Sheen that Jesus came down because of THE DEATH OF LOVE . . in order to restore that Love by his own Death. But that, ultimately, was, is, and remains the whole purpose of ANY upgrading of Church Doctrine throughout the ages, recorded and guarded in the Church’s SACRED Deposit of Faith, i.e. in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. However, REVISION, “on the basis of theological and human-SCIENTIFIC findings”, isn’t the same as that state of perpetual death, originating in Adam’s Sin, BEING “REVISED” by Theological DIVINE “findings” of the Holy Trinity, Who —OUT OF LOVE — send Their Second Person to become Man and definitively MAKE UP FOR Adam’s Sin by the Son’s Death on the Cross,
    re-enacted in every Holy Mass.

    So the Cross and the Eucharist stand while “theological and ( merely ) HUMAN-scientific findings” flow past.


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