Jesuits Want Satanic New Pachamama Mass

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Why is it always Jesuits?




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4 thoughts on “Jesuits Want Satanic New Pachamama Mass

  1. Anthony, having once again done our “homework” for us, you make us WRASSEL with your findings, UNTIL WE ONCE AGAIN rest in The Church’s millennial sacred Deposit of Faith, which guards the fruits of similar wrestlings —by Popes, Bishops, and Doctors of the Church, Saints —in ecumenical Councils and such (I’m not an Ecclesial/ Church history scholar), to hammer out any serious error or impasse concerning Faith and Morals . . ALWAYS under the Authority and protection of the HOLY GHOST & the Chair of St. Peter . . Christ himself, through his reigning Vicar.

    But that’s not the case today. The Vatican “politburo”, headed for life by chairman Jorge Bergoglio, by his actions
    and Pravda pronouncements, has assigned “equal” and competing “authority” and “legitimacy” to current accumulated HUMAN “Scientific” evidence (i.e. secular opinion) . . but NOT imbued with Christ.

    In short, Francis, in “unity” with the self-appointed money-bags NWO folks, have veered off on their own . . “ A cancer in the body-politic [ of Mankind ]” to quote Henry VIII’s conclusion of his erroneous interpretation of Scripture
    concerning his marriage. ( cf. view A Man For All Seasons).

    So my mind once again scours (Church) history for a comparable conundrum.

    How about Bishop St. Patrick (372-466) and the Druids? The latter were rife with Diabolical possession and its PUBLIC expression, obeying any number Demons who ranged freely over that Emerald Isle.

    What was Bishop Patrick’s “BUCKLER AND SHIELD” in defence and protection of both himself and the pleading Irsh? What was his [ Spiritual ] armour?

    The very first stanza of the composer of “St. Patrick’s Breastplate” gives away the “Secret” . . unpacked in Verse 2:

    “I BIND UNTO MYSELF TODAY/ The strong Name of the Trinity/ By invocation of the same/ The Three in One, and One in Three.”
    (Verse 2)
    “I bind this day to me FOREVER By power of Faith, Christ’s Incarnation/ His Baptism in the Jordan river/ His
    death on (the) Cross for my Salvation/ His bursting from the spicèd tomb/ His riding up the Heavenly Way/
    His coming at the day of doom/ I bind unto myself TODAY.”

    Let’s “throw in” one verse from Ste. Thérèse’s poem, “Song of Today”:

    “I have ONLY THIS PASSING DAY in which to form/ This
    cluster of loving souls . . / Oh! Jesus, give me the F L A M I N G spirit of an apostle/ JUST FOR TODAY !”

    Consecration to St. Joseph [ by St. Bernadine of Siena ]; the Chaplet of St. Michael, addressing all 9 choirs of Angels; Fatima’s Morning Offering; Prayer for Pope Francis; Ste. Thérèse’s “Daily Prayer for Priests”; the evening Rosary . . that’s our daily family “agenda” . . going on five years . . our “Breastplate” against any and all OF TODAY’S Druid infestation.

    Back to “St. Patrick’s Breastplate”, last half of the last verse:

    ” . . . Of whom all Nature hath creation [existence]/ Eternal Father, Word, Spirit/ Praise to the Lard of
    my Salvation/ Salvation of Christ the Lord. Amen. “

  2. St. Ignatius was warned that his order would be a hot mess. In my book on saints, it said it was to emulate the passion of Our Lord.

  3. Catholics that actually know their faith will stay far away from this evil in our Church. May God have mercy on us.


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