Holy Nuns DESTROYED By Francis The Destroyer For An Unbelievable Reason

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Being too pious is a death sentence for women religious






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7 thoughts on “Holy Nuns DESTROYED By Francis The Destroyer For An Unbelievable Reason

  1. Anthony, don’t know how me to reach you -do not have your speed dial . I would like to share what I know with you .
    Dr.Scott Forrer Christconnections.me


  2. I submit a question regarding these contemplative orders which apparently cause distress for Rome. Why don’t these holy women, who only wish to pray for us and adore God, remain as they are and continue what they do? I realize they have taken vows to be obedient to the Pope, but their higher calling is to God himself. Why don’t they continue their lives as a group of like-minded women consecrated to Jesus and Mary within a properly constituted lay ministry unbeholden to Rome? I think they could then have autonomy, own property, and establish themselves as financially independent. Is that possible?

    1. Mary, your post puts me in mind of the Beguines of the Middle Ages. Their spirituality and way of life THEN —which they had to work out over time — could be transformed to be workable and fruitful in current social conditions. ( cf.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beguines_and_Beghards.

      Also, having just read Raymond Cardinal Burke’s recent homily on the Dedication of their [ BEAUTIFUL ] Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe (LaCross, Wisconsin) —https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?pli=1#inbox/FMfcgzGpHHWhvpLGFpNTwpllxVhffqSL —
      I think of these sterling “cancelled” Sisters approaching Cardinal Burke invite them to come to
      the Shrine and re-assess their possible options under inspiration of the Mother of the

      I also wonder if Pope Francis and his “Politburo” will have the audacity to “cancel” that
      beautiful Shrine—both a Marian and Fr. John Hardon, SJ, Catechetical Centre—its whole
      Ecclesial DNA being Catholicism as existing in THE CHURCH’S [ not Francis’ ] Sacred
      Deposit of Faith.

      1. I really am concerned that all devotions are at risk of being considered a danger to the true faith (purposefully lower case). I would not be surprised at all to find sacred spaces placed out of bounds and termed “superstition”. But still, she is still the church of Jesus Christ, and He loves her. I place all my trust in Him.

  3. The spirit of the anti-Christ dominates the Vatican. Those in the Vatican have become tools for Satan. The purification of Rome is in the “hands of God”. Ora pro nobis Sancta Mater Dei!

  4. Delete me if you must, Anthony. Trusting that this latest “cancellation” comes from Pope Francis himself (and not merely from individuals in his Vatican “Politburo”), for THIS “camel” it’s the straw that just broke his water-carrying back. Peronist Frankie, ”progressing” another tiny step “forward” —in faithful Marxist style —has gone TOO FAR !
    The guy is a schizoid, bi-polar WING NUT!

    Do we pray for him daily? Sure! Will we continue to pray for him daily? Darned tootin’! Do we DESERVE this interloper ? Yep ! “The summer of shame” ( 2018 ) ALONE has brought on this on-going diabolical debacle.
    Serious sin most often DOES open the door to Demons . . individually and collectively. (cf. Fr. Chad Ripperger).

    But, do we need yet MORE evidence TO RID the Church and the World of this guy? Assassinate “can’t-help-himself” Bergoglio ? Pass it on to the CIA; they just might do the job for us.

    And yet, I’ve heard tell that it is the tears of toddlers and little children ( TRULY innocent ! ) which continue to draw down ( for ALL of us ! ) the DIVINE MERCY . . until Time is no more.

    And the tantrums of my wooden-headed, pea-pickin’ brain won’t stop THE infinite Liberality of the Divine Mercy, as laid out in Jesus’ Secretary Sr. Faustina’s Diary . . first vetted then Instituted by Pope St. John Paul II, for ( what’s left over? ) all time.

    “Jesus, I trust in YOU!”

    “Eternal Father, for the sake of His Sorrowful Passion,
    have mercy on us, and on the whole world !! ”



    1. I too have once again been deleted. In this we know we are His even if we cannot be heard. Francis and all his trickery and malice will not prevail. He and his cohorts will be thrown into the lake of fire. Our Lady will be triumphant


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