Vigano SLAMS Francis For His Satanic Antics In Canada

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You knew Vigano was going to issue a statement, and you knew the New World Order would be invoked.




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One thought on “Vigano SLAMS Francis For His Satanic Antics In Canada

  1. Given “all of the above”, and intuited yesterday by Mary G’s “trajectory” of Bergoglio’s “end-game”: “I would not be surprised at all to find sacred spaces [ . . housing and protecting Consecrated Hosts, essential for Holy Communion during Mass and Eucharistic Adoration outside of Mass ] placed out of bounds and termed ‘superstition’ . . ”, such as Cardinal Burke’s magnificent Shrine dedicated to Our Lady Of Guadalupe ( Lacrosse, Wisconsin .. which is not only a Marian Centre but includes a dedicated home & resting place for the Unborn, as well as a Catechetical Centre for passing on Fr. John Hardon’s life-long Catechesis of the Catholic Faith) —given all of this, I —a WW II “vintage” cradle Catholic —find it extremely difficult to “wrap my head around” such pure Evil coming out of one man (Bergoglio) . . if it weren’t for the Archbishop’s consistent and unwavering encouragement to “ . . let us pray and do penance, in order to remove from us the punishments that these scandals call down upon the Church and the world. Let us invoke the intercession of the [ JESUIT ! ] Martyrs of Canada, who have been outraged by the accuser who is seated on the Throne of Peter, so that they may obtain from the Throne of God the liberation of the Church from the present scourge.”


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