Francis’ Next Big Satanic Heresy Revealed

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Rome has been signaling for years that Francis will revoke Humanae Vitae. That move looks imminent.




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One thought on “Francis’ Next Big Satanic Heresy Revealed

  1. Today we celebrate the martyrdom of that other “Ste(i)n”, St. Edith Stein . . German for the English word,
    “Stone”. And I’ll imagine that the “ape” of REAL stone—Rock — would be straw, costume jewelry, styrofoam,
    or marshmallow. Apropos to your theme today would be the Vatican’s exchange of the Apostolic Mass —the
    immoveable Rock — for a “new” Mass . . for “new” ANYthing and everything . . a new ecclesial world order . .
    in short, an idol, a false christ and a false church.

    ” . . Let me know what you think.” Anthony, once again you have taken the time to do OUR “homework” for us, especially concerning the PROPER formation of conscience, i.e. according to the Teachings of the Church, and not according to the latest, free-radical, wing-nut prognostication floated out into cyberspace.

    I have nothing to add to your very pertinent documentation indicating Francis’ next move, EXCEPT to insert
    an “end note” from Fr. Ripperger’s Q & A VIDEO. [ ]
    . . 1/ scroll down past other videos, to his Q&A 2/ fast forward to the very last question, @1: 27:00 ff . . where we learn that : Canonizing a person TODAY means only ONE THING, namely, that the person being Canonized is
    — AT THE MOMENT OF CANONIZATION —with God in Heaven, all political moves, all Papal mistakes, all Papal intentions (correctly perceived, or mistakenly imputed) ASIDE.

    But, speaking from personal witness, St. Paul VI was FOR MY FRIEND (also deceased; lived across from Detroit)
    a dear Saint IF ONLY for that besieged Vicar suffering his OWN “Gethsemane”, given the STACKS AND STACKS
    of signed resignations from Priests and Religious who had abandoned their Priesthood and/or vocation.

    . . “a crown of thorns on my pillow, every night”, was his inconsolable heart-broken lamentation.

    What will be the ASSURED “spanking” we GOOD Faithful are to receive, comeTHAT promised moment ??

    We had best design FULL-GRAIN leather “Liederhosen” for that infallible moment of OUR restitution.


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