Breaking News: BREAKING NEWS: Latin Mass Ban In Arlington Shows Rome Is Forcing Their Will On The Bishops

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The Modernists in Rome are forcing bishops who don’t want to ban the Latin Mass to issue draconian bans, which show that the diocesan TLM will end soon.




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5 thoughts on “Breaking News: BREAKING NEWS: Latin Mass Ban In Arlington Shows Rome Is Forcing Their Will On The Bishops

  1. The diocese’ web site has the actual policy available for download. It is even more revealing of the increasingly fascist behavior of the Roman Curia against the Faithful. Give it a read. It is unbelievable.

    1. Jeff, how about leaving us the PRECISE “blue line” —website. I just now went to
      that Diocesan website, and its a “forest” of “blue lines”. Wouldn’t know what
      title/ phrase to look for. Old guy, you know, me. Thanks much!

  2. At two minutes into this podcast I’m reminded of what a dying Bishop Fulton Sheen said to British Journalist and reporter Malcolm Muggeridge: “Christendom is finished; but Christ is not” (1979).

    Christendom? Finished? And Christ —“Yesterday. Today. And forever”— NOT finished? How and where and in
    whom shall we recognize Him?

    Since Bishop Sheen’s passing, how and where and in whom has He shown Himself . . since the explosion of the sexual revolution? . . since the great Apostacy? . . since “the Smoke of Satan” entered into the Church? . . since
    “the task of Ecclesiastical Freemasonry is the DESTROY Christ and His Church, to be replaced by an idol, a false christ and a false church.”? (Marian Movement of Priests: “To The Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons”, 1989, #406g “The Beast Like a Lamb”).

    Looks like Christ (the Head) and His Body the Church (members) has been RE-ENTERING His Passion (and Death? . . and Resurrection? . . “a New Heaven and a New Earth”?). Is our [ the Lay Faithful ] true role —like Holy Mary, the Magdalene, the holy women, and the beloved disciple John —to suffer with Him as He is Crucified and dies on a new Calvary . . all the others having fled . . like so many Bishops and their scattered flock today, in sync with the diktats of Caesar’s functionaries, Covid’s paid little dictators, hastening to carry out the directives of the CCP?

    “When I return, SHALL I FIND FAITH?”

    “Christendom is finished; but not Christ.”

    Is Christ —from now on—to be expected in a re-founding of a Christendom where He in fact rules, once again, AS KING, where He imbues, once again, all governments and powers and the resultant culture penetrated with the ACKNOWLEDGED imprint of his Kingly Sovereignty? . . scattering all competing surrogate power-mongers and
    false sovereigns?

    Anything LESS —than Christ Our King assuming His rightful authority —is doomed to “the Smoke of Satan” being blown back into its infernal fiery Pit.

  3. One wonders what pressure the Vatican is using on these bishops? Excommunication? Replacement with a CCP approved bishop? It must be something truly sinister for it to be this effective in Arlington. I came back to the Church there. It has always been a profoundly orthodox diocese. And only last year, the Bishop in Savannah was having the priests of the Atlanta FSSP come to train its priests in the TLM.
    I think the hive is heading the hive beetles into the SSPX for another excommunication. Fortunately, they’ve been down this road before. Prayers for our bishop as he may have to repeat Archbishop Lefevre’s ordinations.


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