Heretic Bishops Move Forward With Demonic Plan To Force The Church To Accept Sin

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The bishops of Germany aren’t feeling even remotely rebuked and are openly defying Rome’s call for them to wait for Rome to change Church teaching on the James Martin sin.




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3 thoughts on “Heretic Bishops Move Forward With Demonic Plan To Force The Church To Accept Sin

  1. Once again my response has been suppressed which means I’ve been blocked. What good is it to comment when this happens repeatedly. The first sentence of my comment was that any Catholic reading the headline would know that any communication regarding the demonic path Francis, his bishops, clergy, etc. want to take is not only not Catholic but that their goal is to codify the worship of Satan so that a One World Religion that worships Satan is to become one w/the One World Order which is demonic.

  2. Anthony, I hope ( . . and trust!) that there many hidden and humble souls who spend plenty of time
    before the Blessed Sacrament to make up for these tsunamis of WASTED words and plans.

    1. Am revisiting this Podcast for the 2nd time in as many days, knowing (and feeling!) it
      goes against my Catholic “grain” . . i.e. Oak. “Monks and Oaks are immortal”. But
      here goes anyway. One thing is “for sure”: all these lavender, un-mitred, Protestantizing
      “Pastors” are BIG CITY dwellers, surrounded by the best choice of food, drink, dress,
      footwear, & de-oderant. No prayer, no fasting, and no alms giving goin’ on here.
      Alberta’s big DRAMATIC skies have more to show about the Creator AND the Saviour
      than the reams and reams of words comin’ outa their mouths. The red-winged black birds
      around here easily grab my APPRECIATIVE attention first, each —and EVERY —time
      they so wonderfully pipe up! These feathered friends truly “make my day”. and effortlessly
      draw out a JOYFUL prayer of “Thanks!” to Our Father . . “OUR”, you “pastors”! . . are you
      listening ?????


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