Dissecting The Amazon Synod

It’s pretty clear that the maniacs took the Catholic media for a ride. Did they advocate shredding the sacrament of Holy Orders? Sure, techically, but those parts of the document occupied such a small portion of the overall document that it’s clear that the real agenda had little to do with the Sacraments. Instead, theContinue reading “Dissecting The Amazon Synod”

Pachemama Disappears

by Corinne Swetz Pacemama dissapears.  Faithful Catholics commence with cheers.  We’ve had enough of pagan trash.  We’re fighting back with a brand new splash.Into the Tiber, she took a plunge,Good riddance, with a forceful lunge. The Vatican in utter shock, but delighted are the faithful flock.How surprising, she can’t swim. We watch the highlights with aContinue reading “Pachemama Disappears”

A New Pact Of The Catacombs Signed In Blood

These guys certainly have a sense for the theatrical. But now they’re denying that it was blood when the photographs clearly show that they are dipping their thumbs into a very pagan-esque bowl of blood and leaving a thumbprint as a signature on the text of the new Pact of the Catacombs. There are manyContinue reading “A New Pact Of The Catacombs Signed In Blood”

The Truth About Pachamama

First they said that idol was of the Virgin and of St Elizabeth. Then they said, well, it’s not Mary but it’s just a symbol for life. Again, they were either lying or didn’t know what they were talking about. That idol we saw in the Vatican gardens and being paraded about in various parishesContinue reading “The Truth About Pachamama”

The Restoration of Catholic Knighthood As the Prelude To The Restoration of Christendom

Guest Submission By The Commander Dedicated to the Blessed Emperor Karl der Grosse The Great Exemplar and Father of Catholic Knighthood The first French edition of The Liturgical Year by Don Geranger listed January 28 as a local feast day for Charlemagne. Below is the prayer composed by Dom Prosper Guerangest in honor of CarolusContinue reading “The Restoration of Catholic Knighthood As the Prelude To The Restoration of Christendom”