Dissecting The Amazon Synod

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It’s pretty clear that the maniacs took the Catholic media for a ride. Did they advocate shredding the sacrament of Holy Orders? Sure, techically, but those parts of the document occupied such a small portion of the overall document that it’s clear that the real agenda had little to do with the Sacraments. Instead, the agenda was promoting a global Satanic agenda. As usual.

Trad Patrick of the Trad Cath Show and I dissect the contents of this document. The talk has background noise because we’re family men and we recorded this during the afternoon on Sunday and consequently couldn’t banish our children to outer darkness. But it’s worth your time to hear the contents of the document.




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One thought on “Dissecting The Amazon Synod

  1. The Byzatine Catholic Patriarch has some pretty harsh words for Francis. He also said the daily sacrafice is no longer valid, Is that True? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcVuwd0csb8
    Thank you for your input, I LISTEN TO YOUR YOUTUBE CANNEL. He also excommunicated Francis and nominated Vigano the Pope. Why is noone talking about this?
    Thank you Lisa


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