The Modernist’s Wealth Hypocrisy

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It’s very strange getting lectured about the need for the Church to get rid of its wealth by people who are clearly selling out the deposit of the faith for NGO money.

But clearly that’s what’s been going on. I mean, on the one hand they tell us to sell off the gold and jewels of the Church (in the classic brain-dead atheist way) and then on the other suck up to the NGOs for money that will largely get invested in London condominiums.




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2 thoughts on “The Modernist’s Wealth Hypocrisy

  1. If they cannot represent the theology of the True Presence of the Body of Christ in the Holy Eucharist, how can they understand the true purpose of the Church’s money and jewels. “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s.” The Church is the steward of God’s creation and wealth on earth (that includes His unborn; His fragile; His life giving eco system; His riches bestowed to His Church for greater doings, etc). And God gives it to us; God can take it from us (or allow it to be taken from us) should we not maintain/ take seriously our stewardship. However; what is saddest is the laity’s actual lack of concern and understanding of this catechesis, as well. No one is without blame. Ave Maria

  2. Thanks Anthony. Yet another example of hypocrisy in the Church. We can no longer trust the Church to speak the Truth of God. We have been forsaken by our shepherds. Where are lay Catholics to find leadership? A reckoning cannot be far in coming.


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