The Paganism Of The Final Synod Document

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This’ll be the last time I discuss the Amazon Synod as a main topic unless something major comes up. I’m kind of sick of it, but this had to be discussed.

Despite what the maniacs may tell you, there is Earth Worship hidden in the document. No direct references to PachyMommy are made but plenty to ‘Mother Earth’ and lots of synchretistic language. It’s enough to make you want to pull your hair out.



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4 thoughts on “The Paganism Of The Final Synod Document

  1. That word “struggle” . . THE marxist word if ever there
    was one.

    “To strive, to strive, to strive, to strive” —St.Teresa of Avila
    . . for the Truth (“Humility is love of Truth” ” ” )
    for Charity above all, for Holiness, for Wisdom Incarnate . .

  2. Excellent Anthony. I referenced your posting on Crisis Magazine today.

    By the way, you mentioned Christ’s statement on not coming to bring peace but a sword. In our Novus Ordo Mass on November 24th our 75 year old priest said he never understood these words of our Lord so he said he would not discuss it. Imagine that. I’m sure he probably understood it but it doesn’t fit in with his exclusive “mercy and love”, all are saved, idea of Jesus. That’s Vatican II for you.


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