God Is In Me

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by Aldo Rizzo

God is in me, do you want to deny that?
What is inside of me, my soul, who created it and who does it belong to?
My soul, not mine to have, a butterfly clasping it’s wings and releasing into a flight of loneliness.  It is alone, desolate and to the brink of non existence if I don’t give it back to whom it belongs to, then who does own my soul?
It is you My Lord, it has always been you, though I looked for you, I did not find you, but found and indulged in sin instead.  Now damaged, who does my soul belong to then?
My soul is a touch of God, then your touch is within me, it always has been, I just did not want to believe, when will I open my eyes and see the green pastures you have prepared for me?
When I close my eyes at night and travel the skies and worlds beyond, are you not there to catch me so that I don’t lose myself into the unknown?
Of course you are, from the moment I felt the warmth of my mother’s belly I was not afraid to be born and travel into this world which you let the devil own for a while, why then was I not afraid?
I was not afraid because you have been with me from the moment of conception and I know you will be there when I die, why, because you are in me and thus we become one when my soul leaves this body.  
Two angels dressed in white will await for me leading me back to you, the atmosphere will change and no longer with a body my spirit unlike the butterfly eagerly passes the angels, as they are moving too slow, and I finally get to meet you, I can no longer wait, my spirit is at awe, I know the way back to you, I have always known.
God is in me and you, we are all souls travelling the unknown, heading to our long lost home where everyone we ever loved is there waiting for us, don’t be afraid.

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