Pachemama Disappears

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by Corinne Swetz

Pacemama dissapears.

 Faithful Catholics commence with cheers. 

We’ve had enough of pagan trash. 

We’re fighting back with a brand new splash.
Into the Tiber, she took a plunge,Good riddance, with a forceful lunge.

The Vatican in utter shock, but delighted are the faithful flock.
How surprising, she can’t swim.

We watch the highlights with a grin.

Speechless is the synod cast.

No longer will we be harassed. 

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18 thoughts on “Pachemama Disappears

  1. Goodness Gracious! How many catholics are accepting pagan idolatry! Truly we are in the last days. Maybe St Malachi’s prophecy that this Pope is the last Pope of the Catholic Church is coming true wherein the city of seven hills will be destroyed.The End.( Malachi’s words)

    1. The scandal was having pagan idols in a Catholic Church. These idols are nothing, worthless, trash. I don’t understand what was scandalous about this poem which seems to be having fun with the the attempt to rid our beautiful, blessed churches of these offenses to our God; to overlook this violation of the first Commandment is the scandal.

  2. Corinne, you need to go back to school and write properly. This piece is an embarrassment to our Holy Faith

    1. You could be right.Satan and his demons will do their best, after all the idols represent them!

  3. Let tolerance reign. Let the altar of Christ bear likewise the holy icons of the Hindu, Buddhist and Indigenous, that the holiness of all Gods may sanctify the assembly of the faithful

    1. Suzanne, How could you say this? Hindu,Buddhist,Latin American pagan idols represent demons to whom these religions worship, as satan has deceived them that’s it’s the true God. It’s NOT!! The first Commandment says so ” I am the Lord……”
      Satan and his deceiving demons will keep on deceiving us, it’s their job to do their utmost to get us into Hell.
      The chief terrorist is now dead and an easy guess in Hell.How satan worked on them that evil is good!

  4. I wouldn’t have thought to write about this yet, but it sure put a smile on my face. I couldn’t have said nearly so well. I love jt!

  5. This is what needs to happen. Confrontation with force from now on. Silent NO MORE!

  6. Unfortunately, they’re back to our chagrin
    To menace us again.

    Good job Corrine!

  7. Cheers! Pachemama disappears or rather deceiving demons temporarily disappear! Yes,the faithful have to fight to steer the Church on the right course.


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