Scalfari, Francis, and the Denial of Christ

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If the kinds of statements that had gone viral had only been said once, it could be said that this was all a big misunderstanding. But this has happened to one degree or another a total of nine times since March 2013.

Yes, nine times, and the weird thing is that the Vatican didn’t correct Francis’s statements each time, either.



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3 thoughts on “Scalfari, Francis, and the Denial of Christ

  1. An extraordinary Synod took place between 7 Byzantine Rite Catholic Bishops – they pronounced multiple anathema’s on Francis and proclaimed Archbishop Vigano as Pope.

    Can’t believe it’s been ignored. I cease to trust either Traditionalists OR the Vatican. God Bless your ministry serving Christ Jesus.–QEeU&t=2s

  2. No question it was no accident, and that few Catholics seem to care, thanks to Vatican II where renewing the Church has given way to replacing it.


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