Cardinal Zen Betrayed By Francis & Apostate Rome

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Francis wants the Church to be cozy with Beijing and its dictator, regardless of the cost in human life and souls.





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2 thoughts on “Cardinal Zen Betrayed By Francis & Apostate Rome

  1. Anthony, I appreciate the appropriate responses of Nancy Pelosi and other non-Vatican sources.
    Surprisingly . . there’s honesty to be found in ’em! The dealings of Red China AGAINST the Catholic Church, in the person of Cardinal Zen, are to be expected. One harks back to the brutal behaviour done to Maryknoll Bishop Ford, prefacing the eventual Communist take-over of that huge populace.
    [ cf. Ven. Bishop Sheen’s account this “death march” ]

    One wonders that Jesus KNEW of Judas’s betrayal long before the actual deed . . but still called him friend in that purse-holder’s very act of betrayal, “blistering Our Lord with a kiss”. [ Bishop Sheen ]

    So, best we keep on praying for Pope Francis, that he may in the end be spared Our Lord’s ” . .. it
    would be better that a millstone be hung around his neck ad be cast into the sea !!

    A retired Maximum Security Penitentiary Chaplin, a Jesuit, (late ’70s) related to me that “most men in that Pen have their hearts in the right place”. But a few carry an incorrigibly-evil intent. Then again (1990s) I recall Fr. John Corapi S.O.L.T. (after visiting fully populated prisons) saying that even the worst criminal carries a spark of humanity . . that is, until recently, one hears Exorcist Fr. Ripperger tells us that, during one case of possession, he asked the demon if he’d do it again. YES, he would repeat his deliberately-chosen path to Hell should he be given that chance all over again.

    I can only conclude —on behalf of Cardinal Zen and the many imprisoned and persecuted Chinese Catholics and Believers —with three verses from a Good Friday hymn composed in the time of St. Thomas Acquinas. The translation by a Canon Oakeley (1842) from the Latin of a Cardinal Bonaventura (1221 – 1274):

    “In the Lord’s atoning grief/ Be our rest and sweet relief,/ Store we deep in heart’s recess/
    All the shame and bitterness.”

    “Crucified! We thee adore,/ Thee with all our hearts implore;/ Us with all thy saints unite/ In the
    realms of heavenly light.”

    “Christ, by coward hands betrayed,/ Christ, FOR US a captive made,/ Christ, upon a bitter Tree/
    Slain for man, be praise to Thee. Amen.”

  2. Cardinal Zen is a beacon of Light, Hope and Faith to his flock and to the world. Why do the prelates of the Church remain silent; because they have no light, hope or faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ, His commandments, the precepts of His Church or any one but themselves. As Catholics our job is to pray for him, the Church and to do penance in reparation for our sins and the sins of others.


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