Priests Admit They Suffer Because Of Francis (and How Catholic Universities Were Destroyed)

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How Catholic Universities Were Destroyed:




Priests Admit They Suffer Because Of Francis




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2 thoughts on “Priests Admit They Suffer Because Of Francis (and How Catholic Universities Were Destroyed)

  1. Hesburgh admitted in his memoirs that the motive for the Land’o’Lakes statement was to get money that began flowing into Notre Dame’s coffers once they made it clear that they wouldn’t be Catholic. All the “principles” are eyewash.

  2. A “ROBUST” Catholic education ? Sure, from the Land ‘o Lakes Statement (1970), Fr. Theodore
    Hesburgh and his avant garde Lakeside counsellors certainly INTENDED to revamp Notre Dame’s
    purpose and goals. They wanted to be on a par with World and its “evolving” devlopements, They
    wanted to “walk a line between Catholic and Secular”. But . . WITHOUT St. Piux X’s Oath against
    Modernism ( . . which used to be mandatory of each and every Professor in Catholic Higher
    education) ???

    How did Notre Dame head, Fr. Theodore Hesburgh, and his Lakeside “synodalists” —ahead of their time —end up wording it ?

    “In the Catholic university this operative presence is effectively achieved first of all and distinctively by the PRESENCE OF A GROUP OF SCHOLARS in all branches of theology”.

    But that declaration is incomplete. It should have continued with: “ . . whose FOUNDATION for excellence is the SACRAMENTAL LIFE of the Catholic Church.” In other words, the REAL (Eucharistic) Presence, taught, understood, believed, and lived by each Professor.

    One more point: in the “Land O’Lakes” scheme of things, formerly “outlawed books and resources” would no longer be countenanced. To which I react with: “ . . say W H A T ?” Only a student and professor, truly grounded in the LIVING of the Church’s Sacramental Life, could even BEGIN to navigate through the FALSE PHILOSOPHIES of “Freedom”, of “Love”, of “National Sovereignty”, and of “Constitutional Law” embodied by the 20th Century’s Atheist governments, whose one “Law” was the Law of “Might Makes Right”. The Lenins, the Stalins, the Hitlers, the Mao Zedong’s as well as Margaret Sanger, her gross Racism and her “still-born-baby” of Planned B(P)arrenhood, all share a common legacy: MOUNTAINS OF CORPSES! [ Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ, 2018, EWTN ]


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