Cardinal Zen Hits Back With New Allegations

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Today I present his letter in response to Cardinal Re, followed by an explanation of some of the esoteric details of the letter so you know what he is accusing Cardinal Re.

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One thought on “Cardinal Zen Hits Back With New Allegations

  1. Excellent post. The amazing injustice done to the Catholic Chinese people and Cardinal Zen is horrendous and inexcusable. It does not matter who does or does not get the news or true story, the Head of the House is the person who is responsible. We at the lowest level can look at this issue and see it plain and clear, the true Catholics of China have been thrown under the bus, and seems the “Pope” is not understanding the critical circumstances. Why?! His ‘people’ don’t honor anyone but themselves, certainly not the True Church of Christ that they have been given to lead. This failure has caused great disturbance and deception. …’By their fruits’…not looking good. Ave Maria, O’ Blessed Mother.


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