Francis & Heretic Bishops Accused Of Preparing For Antichrists’ Arrival

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Things are heating up. Are Francis and the German Bishops laying the ground work for the Man of Sin?



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6 thoughts on “Francis & Heretic Bishops Accused Of Preparing For Antichrists’ Arrival

  1. This Pope Francis is the False Prophet given in the Book of Revelations. Jesus says many nephlim are ruling nations and he is one of them.

    We have to be alert and understand them.
    Stick to time tested church teachings and doctrines and accept no novel doctrines from whatsoever source as it could be ones very
    soul !

    Queen and Mother of the Last Times
    Snatch us out of the clutches of Evil 😈

  2. In the book Reign of antichrist The editor says because the author died before the book came to print a couple of the prophecies that have been repudiated by church authority have been omitted. Any idea how I can get those remitted prophecies?

  3. The Cephas rebuked by St Paul in Galatians 2 was NOT St. Peter. A clear reading of Galatians shows that St Paul both knew St, Peter from meeting with him 14 years before the rebuke to Cephas, and calls Cephas one of those who “seemed to be pillars”. This was also the position of the late Dr. James Likoudis

  4. Rome is apostate and without authority. The Church lives, butnit doesn’t live or even exist in the Vatican,

  5. But in Latin America —certain in Argentina under Juan Perón, idol of the young Bergoglio
    teenager —no pronouncements from the incumbent Dictator would be “legally” considered as “unjust”. He/She was the “DICTATor”. Citizens, however, may have FELT the gross injustices of any number of dictats, but there was nothing THEY could do about ’em . . without incurring physical retribution from the Military ( secret Police) under said Dictator, as protests and disappearances
    by the 1000s have proven during the “dirty war” in said Latino Country.

    So has now-adult Dictator POPE Francis’ modus operandi been any different? You can’t
    “feather”-spray-paint out a leopard’s spots. And a “leopard”/Dictator in the Chair of St. Peter is
    still a leopard . . in Pontifical ( white ) garb.

    But, then again, the permissive Will of Providence allows all these goings-on. ALL of them. Why?
    To chastise and cleanse the deeply-compromised-baptized souls of and overwhelming majority
    of Catholics and “Christians”.

    From the REAL Sacrifice of a REAL Victim during a REAL Offertory in a REAL Mass to a
    contrived gathering around a table celebrating a “banquet” expunged if ANY Sacrifice whatsoever..


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