One Cardinal’s Oblivious Plea To The Faithful

Someday maybe at least some of these bishops will wake up and realize that the accelerating loss of faith in old Christendom was made possible by their going along with Caesar in 2020. Video: Audio: Sources:

Celebrating The Vatican’s Favorite Heretic

Hans Kung is being lionized by the Vatican and the German Bishops, and its only going to get more flagrant from here. Video: Audio: Sources:

Is This The Solution To The Francis Pontificate?

What is an imperfect council and why are notable Catholic voices calling for one? Also, pray for the grace of final repentance for the arch heretic Hans Kung, who just died and is being celebrated by the authorities in Rome. Video: Audio: Sources:

Cardinal Sarah To Pope Francis: Restore The Mass!

A good thing to reflect on for Holy Thursday is the Eucharist and the Mass. Cardinal Robert Sarah responded to the ban of the Mass at St Peter’s Basilica and in so doing provides us food for thought on this Holy Thursday. Video: Audio: Sources:

Malachi Martin & The Passion of the Church

Many are leaving the Church in our times, and in so doing they leave our Lord on the Cross, even if they leave for some breakaway sect that professes to follow Him. Video: Audio: Sources: Malachi Martin, VATICAN