Bishop Athanasius Schneider: Ireland Must Stand Strong In The Faith

Bishop Schneider called for the Irish to pray their rosaries for a restoration of the Mass in their country, and for the faithful to attend Mass on Mass Rocks again if need be. Video: Audio: Sources:

Benedict XVI Speaks About The Church In Germany….But Was It Really Him?

Benedict XVI is never, ever seen without his handler Archbishop Georg Ganswein. Most of what the retired pontiff has to say is filtered through the archbishop. But he spoke about the state of the Church in Germany and possible schism recently. Were they really his words? Video: Audio: Sources:

More Jesuit Demands For The Church To Get With The Times

More Jesuit demands for the Church to get with the times. Obviously that has worked so well the numerous times the Church has bent over backwards for the world, so why not try it again, right? Video: Audio: Sources: