Malachi Martin & The Passion of the Church

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Many are leaving the Church in our times, and in so doing they leave our Lord on the Cross, even if they leave for some breakaway sect that professes to follow Him.



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Malachi Martin, VATICAN

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3 thoughts on “Malachi Martin & The Passion of the Church

  1. Malachi Martin is doing what the Devil wants him to.
    Cause as much fear and confusion as possible.
    Please stop referring to this person as a credible source for anything.
    The man is a textbook case of “Irish B.S.”.

  2. Excellent program Anthony. Agree 100%. In my opinion the traditional truths of our Catholic faith will not be preached by the hierarchy until the entire world experiences sufficient suffering and are brought to their knees seeking the help of God.

    Thus we should expect–in the near–future the Great Chastisement spoken of by Our Lady which in the face of which will show the powerlessness of our world leaders to remedy.

    At he present moment world leaders, supported by the Church, are attempting to create a godless utopia on earth (The Great Reset) which will require a massive purging of society which began last year.. Daily we see worldly powers attempting to orchestrate subjugation of the masses with such controls as the pysop Covid false fear “pandemic” with social controls of masks and distancing , woke racial and gender division, probable catastrophic vaccines, massive welfare, lying government official and MSM, etc. The most likely intent of all this is massive population extermination and the creation of a new utopian feudalism. Generally the population of the world will comply with this evil program.

    But before our devil inspired leaders are able to conclude their Communist utopian vision God will intervene as described by Our Lady.

    Let us pray and do penance making every day a Good Friday as best we can. With Christ as our true leader we should have no fear, whatever happens.


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