Worse Than The Pachamama? Smiling Francis Receives Idol Of Demon That Murders Priests

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And it happened on the Feast of St Francis of Assisi, too. Just like with the Pacha demon.




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3 thoughts on “Worse Than The Pachamama? Smiling Francis Receives Idol Of Demon That Murders Priests

  1. Most Loved Anthony,

    Interesting, you need to turn on your Time Machine google . Senator John McCain , years ago, was reported in the news as a spreader of the fraudulent Steele dossier about Trump enjoying the urine showered upon him by prostitutes. It isThe sameJohn McCain ,when it came to a major vote on Obama Care , who stood in the well of the Senate and gave his ROMAN thumbs down to Trump in support of Obama ( the demon rats).

    Obama , as Biden is weak , is The King behind the throne ?

    Here we are years latter, and the consequences of the past are in are present – there is no “time” , this is the eternal moment .

    Blessings , Raphael ( aka Dr.Scott )

  2. Most Loved Anthony ,

    To the extent there are God Incidences this gift is a Trinity of surprises :

    1. It comes as a Kachina idol ,from the wife of the late Senator McCain , the State of Arizona; as you note , on The Feast Day of St.Francis of Assi , October 4th.

    2. Ground zero for idol worship, in Arizona, may relate to an obscure parish with a history of pride priests who allowed for a desecration of “their” Blessed Sacrament Chapel; there occurred an act of demonic worship inside the chapel, the early 2000’s. Years latter there occurred the placement of a photo of the parish administrator ( who had passed ), next to the tabernacle; the past parish administrator placed in substitution for Mary’s position next to Her Son.

    3.The Bishop of Tucson likely knew of
    parish desecration and priest abuse , early 2000’s , as extended to Cardinal Levada who investigated as Prefect for Doctrine of the Faith when appointed by Benedict ; in 2014 the administrators photo was removed but the scandal from Tucson likely reached Rome. Francis, in in relation to Arizona , became surrounded by events from the past (Benedict as Pope ) and from his future (Benedict as Emeritus Pope).

    Francis is then surrounded by demons as comes towards him from a Benedict past , a Benedict and Francis “time of now”, and a Francis future which does not yet exist .

    The solution is easy ? Renounce all evil and embrace Christ; look to Christ who is the same NOW, past,and future. It is as easy as the words attributed to St. Faustina , “Jesus I Trust in You “ .

    The evil must be Illuminated and exposed as only Christs Words can accomplish. “Cleansing” is brought by His Light , an exorcism , when accomplished in His Holy Name and by His Holy Priests . Prayer 🙏 removes all demonic activity ; prayer asks Jesus to provide priestly power to declare liberation and freedom for His Church and all of us in His Body 🙏.

    Blessings, Raphael ( aka Dr.Scott )

  3. What do I think of this? In conjunction with the
    recent atrocities of Hamas —echoing the
    w-a-y back rape of Nanking by the Japanese —
    terrible ! The dogs of war unleashed again !

    Should I begin to DISTRUST the comfort and
    peace of our home? . . the happy family gathering
    on “Thanksgiving” just celebrated? . . the future
    of our grand children ?? . . HOPE for a better
    leadership of our Nation ?? . . the EVENTUAL
    DEMISE of Globalists like Leninist Klaus Schwab
    and his diabolically insane “hackable” Juval
    Harari ??

    St. Joseph, TERROR of Demons, pray for us!

    St. Michael, cast back into Hell Satan and
    all other evil spirits, who prowl around the
    world, seeking to ruin of Souls!


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