Sunday: Cardinal Zen Livestream, GK Chesterton, and Vigano

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Lots of content today for your spiritual edification. Cardinal Zen speaking on the Synod, a normal diocesan priest expressing his concerns about Francis’ messaging, GK Chesterton on gratitude, and Vigano speaking about St Michael inevitably cleansing the Church.

Cardinal Zen

NOTE: Vigano video will be publicly available at 5am CST.





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2 thoughts on “Sunday: Cardinal Zen Livestream, GK Chesterton, and Vigano

  1. A bit of a surprise, Anthony. Archbishop Viganò
    really “waxes eloquent” St. Michael, unveiling
    thereby the IMMOVEABLE foundation which
    undergirds all of the Archbishop’s commentaries
    exposing Pope Francis’s falling and fallen
    Pontificate so far.

  2. G.K. Chesterton? . . truly the “Apostle of Common Sense”
    (Dale Ahlquist). Ordinary life spelled out in COSMIC
    categories. A really great big kid, who never lost his
    youthful innocence.

    “Who is looking after you, Gilbert?” asked his wife
    Frances, while her husband was very sick and she
    decided to look in on him to see how he was.

    “God”, replied Gilbert.

    Well then, God must be youthful too, Eternally


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