Bishops Speak Out At Synod, And Critical Update On Synod Demon Idol

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The idol is worse than we thought.




Bishops Speak Out




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3 thoughts on “Bishops Speak Out At Synod, And Critical Update On Synod Demon Idol

  1. Most loved Anthony,

    You are correct , “even worse” . In consideration of the identified idol ,this is a demon of child sacrifice ,by extension abortion . It is interesting that this demon is identifeid by the LEPANTO institute . It is a call to pray The Rosary !!! Remember the battle of LEPANTO . The European navy defeated the Arabic navy on one day – everyone was encouraged to pray The Rosary in the midst of conflict . Upon the Blessed Mothers intercession the wind shifted and the battle for Christian Europe was won . It’s “time” to get the beads out and
    ask the Blessed Mother for Her help. Her Immaculate Heart will triumph !!!

    Blessings , Raphael ( aka Dr.Scott )

  2. If the donors of these idols don’t know
    WHAT they’re giving Pope Francis, then
    these [ boogie ogres for bad kids —Francis? ]
    might be a Providential warning to the
    smiling man himself. You get what you

    But, given that the WHOLE Church prays
    for Francis every day, God and St. Michael
    and St. Joseph just might be protecting
    him until his time has run its course.

    St. Joseph, protector of Holy Mother Church,
    terror of demons, pray for us !

  3. . . to be expected. Can’t change the spots
    on a leopard. Avoid it/ them . . unless you’ve
    got a powerful sling-shot.


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