Why Is A Texas Bishop Publicly Attacking Nuns?

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Is it another real estate scheme?






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3 thoughts on “Why Is A Texas Bishop Publicly Attacking Nuns?

  1. While I pray for all clergy & religious, the ONLY Texas bishop I trust is Bishop Joseph Strickland. I wish I was in his diocese. Ora pro nobis, sancta Dei Genitrix!

  2. No insider information here, but thank you for
    beginning to wrap the “mystery”.

    On the surface —for this suspicious “computer-chair”
    sleuth —these actions indicate a mockery and hatred
    of committed Religious Celibacy. The glee of the
    envious ruler of Hell can’t be far in the background.

    @5:30 f ” . . Mother had admitted to the violation” . .
    admitted to whom? . . voluntarily? . . under interrogation? . .
    in Confession?

    If “trumped up”, is this a distraction from the events
    recently occurring in Missouri [ interred body of Foundress
    found incorrupt ] . . which Rome will HAVE TO thoroughly
    investigate . . and admit that, through this miracle, the
    Vatican’s war against the Apostolic (Latin) Mass (of the
    Ages) is unjust and malicious.

    IF TRUE, HOW SAD ! . . the on-going saga of mushy
    “virtue” and infidelity.

    Lord! . . preserve Your people and Your Church!


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