2 thoughts on “The Reason The LA Dodgers Are Mocking Nuns Is Tragically Simple

  1. Sadly and tragically, you are correct, Anthony. The “ape of the church” is now acceptable because those in the hierarchy of this church have become one w/the modern world where sin is mocked as a reality in our lives and instead has been given over to the worldly heresy of Modernism. This was one of the main reasons I quit going to the “counterfeit” church and instead have become a member of a Traditional Catholic Church. It was the best decision I have ever made.

  2. Thanks for unpacking in detail, Anthony.

    1/ Lonely? . . personal Consecration to St. Joseph per Fr. Calloway’s
    book by that title: no more loneliness . . provided one ASLO lives the
    Sacramental Life, and studies to acquire REAL knowledge of WHAT
    THE CHURCH TEACHES, and not just what Tom, Trudy, Dick, and
    Gwendalyn opine on the internet.

    2/ Develop a 24/7 devotion toTHE HOLLY FAMILY: “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,
    save souls !”

    3/ Make Bishop Sheen’s “green board” motto—” JMJ ”  —our own, in
    all we think, say, and do.


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