The Jesuits Are Trying To Destroy Bishop Strickland

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Their idea of who the greatest evil in the Church today is bizarre




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2 thoughts on “The Jesuits Are Trying To Destroy Bishop Strickland

  1. The Pope is the Rock, not the mason who freely carves new idols for the Body to worship. Why do the pope idolaters not see where their own souls are being led by their foggy notions?

  2. “I believe Pope Francis is the Pope but it is time for me
    to say that I reject his program of undermining the Deposit
    of Faith. Follow Jesus.”  —Bishop Joseph Strickland, 2023.

    From following Pope Francis’ pontificate, Bishop Strickland’s
    conclusion —and instruction —is one I’ve made as well. Our
    Baptism demands it. Let us stand firm and, at the same time,
    keep praying for Pope Francis.

    The Sacred Deposit of the Faith IS the Rock. Why slip off it
    and risk building on sand, or kicking against it ?

    “Beloved sons, live in the Joy of Easter. Jesus Christ,
    scourged, crowned with thorns, reviled, led to the Cross,
    crucified and put to death as a malefactor, IS RISEN . . ”
    —To The Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons, Easter
    Sunday, 1989, #402: “In Expectation of His Glorious


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