We’re Witnessing The Hostile Takeover Of The Catholic Church

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A process that began decades ago is now nearing completion, with its principle protagonists advocating sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance.





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One thought on “We’re Witnessing The Hostile Takeover Of The Catholic Church

  1. Still sticking to the memory and experience of the
    CATHOLIC Church BEFORE Vatican II which my
    pre-boomer generation lived [up to
    my teenage years], the following questions should
    still be legitimate:

    How can “human fraternity” B E human fraternity,
    when [ in the absence of practise ] Sacraments
    and the Sacramental Life of the TRUE Church
    have been “thrown under the bus” ? Isn’t it the
    reality that Modernists and their adherents are
    in a state of MASS Sacrilege . . a state of affairs
    which Fr. John Hardon, SJ, referred to before
    his death ?

    In the Bishop Sheen video last week-end,
    @ 8:16 ff, we’re taught that ” . . the essence of
    sin is two-fold: it involves a turning from God
    and a turning to creatures . . sin SEPARATES
    God from God and Man from Man”, to which
    state the good Bishop attributes man’s [ on going ]
    “supreme Loneliness”. He’s describing sheep
    without a Shepherd. And apes are creatures, no
    matter in what disguise.

    The four Marks of the [ TRUE ] Church are:
    which Francis is required to embody, to uphold,
    and to disseminate to the World.

    Will his Synod on “Synodality” gather in a
    mass of lost, lonely, marginalized, and disparate
    sheep? They’ll be “bleating” all at the same time,
    once Bishops and their Dioceses “kick off” the

    B-a-a-a-a! B-a-a-a-a!

    We had better fast, pray, and give alms
    [ to the poor ] for the next [ GOOD ]
    shepherd, whomever that will be, I F
    there will be one.


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