Malachi Martin On The Underground Church

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The Church will be driven underground again at some point in the future, on that most Catholics agree. Fr Malachi Martin asserts that its basically already happened.





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2 thoughts on “Malachi Martin On The Underground Church

  1. I respectfully disagree . I believe the “estrangement and division” in the Church are the fruits of decades of apostasy and heresy, particularly of the latest pontificate. Father Martin was a whistleblower and laid bare what was/is happening before our very eyes. Our Lady predicted (Fatima, Akita) that the destruction of the Church would come from within. The Illuminati’s goal was always to occupy the seat of Peter to complete its satanic coup.

    I believe it’s critical to understand this to avoid the sin of indifference (blind and/or cowardly obedience) and the coming deception of the antichrist. We must not conflate that acknowledging the reality of what is clearly happening in our Church is the equivalent of losing hope that God will raise up a holy shepherd in the future. It is not at all the same. The former steels our spiritual armor lest we be deceived, while the latter fortifies our belief in Our Lady’s triumph.

  2. Return To Tradition is overly-focussed on Malachi Martin &
    followers. Seems there’s more division and estrangement
    generated from “Vatican” and “Windswept House” than
    there is HOPE for a real Shepherd.

    If it’s a Pius XIII we’re hoping for, study the life of
    Eugenio Pacelli —Pope Pius XII, who’s humility
    [ perception of the truth ], regal bearing and discipline
    through punctuality, exceptional diplomatic gifts, but also
    love of swimming [ in the ocean especially, occasions
    for contemplating “God’s Grandeur” ] and of riding, and
    foremost his love for the people —brought the Church
    through WW II. During Rome’s food crisis, he ordered
    50,000 HOT meals for the starving citizens, served
    by two or three of Rome’s Religious convents.
    For the rest of the “Big Picture” read his 40-year
    housekeeper’s memoirs of him: His Humble Servant:
    Sister M. Pascalina Lenhert’s Memoirs of Her Years
    of Service to Eugenio Pacelli, Pope Piux XII, 2014,
    St. Augustine Press, South Bend, Indiana, Transl.
    Susan Johnson.


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