Francis Doubles Down On Supporting James Martin

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He’s painting a pretty clear picture of what he thinks of Catholic morality.




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5 thoughts on “Francis Doubles Down On Supporting James Martin

  1. Thanks for continuing to stand up to OBVIOUS Evils
    [obvious to the Faithful] in the Church, Anthony.
    Demons would do to Christ [ meditate on His Crucifixion !]
    and His Church and the Baptized what Francis & Co.
    are doing to them today.

    Yet, St.Catherine of Siena [ illiterate, during an ecstasy ]
    was instructed from Heaven that: “Even if the Pope
    were Satan incarnate, we ought not to raise up our
    heads against him . . I know ever well that many
    defend themselves by boasting: ‘They are so corrupt,
    and work all manner of evil !’ But God has commanded
    that, EVEN IF the Priests, the Pastors, and Christ-on-
    Earth were incarnate Devils, WE ARE TO BE obedient
    and subject to them, NOT FOR THEIR SAKES but
    for the sake of God and out of obedience to
    Him, the Sweet Christ.”

    . . today a head-spinning mandate to baffle even the
    holiest and most humble of the Faithful !

    For cradle-Catholic prairie Grandpa [and Grandma]
    here, St. Joseph and St. Michael —next to the
    Queen of Heaven AND Earth —are: “TERROR
    OF DEMONS” [ . . easily backed up by accounts
    of Fr. Chad Ripperger’s exorcist sessions] .

    Also, anyone who “fled to St. Joseph’s protection,
    implored his help, or even sought his intercession”
    was NEVER left unaided ! Inspired by this assurance,
    we BEGIN each morning by consecrating ourselves
    to St. Joseph, followed by the Chaplet of St. Michael.

    ” . . . Through your intercession with Jesus, grant me
    a spirit of sacrifice, of humility, of self-denial AND an
    intimate love for Jesus IN THE BLESSED SACRAMENT.
    A pure and tender love for Mary, my Mother, protect
    and guard in me. St. Joseph, be with me living,
    be with me dying . . ” no matter what anybody ELSE
    says or does, doesn’t say or doesn’t do. Jorge and
    Jimmy, you will NOT be allowed to have your
    blinkers on forever !!

    “He who wakes from slumber at the Spirit’s Voice,
    Daring here to number THINGS UNSEEN, his choice:
    He who casts his burden down at Jesus’ Cross —
    Christ’s REPROACH [ is ] his reward, all else but loss.”
    —St. John of Damascus, 8th century.

    1. At Catherine so Sienna’s statement is a sentiment and aspiration to fidelity, but NOT A MANDATE, and taken literally, is a complete caricature. On the same basis, the Talking Beasts in Narnia are terrified to defy the ape Shift or denounce the truth that he’s seen a lion skin on a donkey which he pretends is Aslan.

      1. Me thinks thou must be a lawyer . . or a Phd literary scholar,
        but literary analysis was furthest from my mind.

        “Mandate” was used NOT as a legal term but as a way
        of pointing to the impossibility for Modernists to conceive
        of Catherine’s message as “a sentiment and aspiration to
        FIDELITY” . . to the Faith and MORALS as found in the
        “rigid” Deposit of Faith.

    2. There’s a difference between being an evil pope and not being Catholic. The second disqualifies one from being a legitimate pope. No Buddhist monk or Islamic imam can be a pope, for the simple reason that they are not even members of the Church. This is a matter of natural law, not even canon law can change it.


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