We Were Warned: The Real Meaning Of The Smoke Of Satan

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Paul VI’s famous line about the smoke of Satan entering the Church is often repeated but not understood. One Cardinal who knew Paul VI personally tried to tell people what it meant. Few listened.





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3 thoughts on “We Were Warned: The Real Meaning Of The Smoke Of Satan

  1. I would like to recommend a great read about the Smoke of Satan. Fr. Charles Murr has written “Murder in the 33rd Degree.” It is all about Edouard Cdl Gagnon being tasked by Paul VI to investigate where the Smoke is coming from. Once you start it you cant put it down. I can also recommend his book: Madre Pascalina: The Godmother.

  2. For those who remember the late Fr. Gregory Hesse the famous and very qualified Vatican Canon lawyer who spoke w/o equivocation, had this to say about Pope Paul Vi: and Pope John Paul 2 : they were two of the worst popes of the Church because neither were grounded in Catholic teaching. As far as Fr. Malachi Martin was concerned, Pope Paul Vi was conflicted and as a result was a weak pope and that JP2’s theology was flawed. It has been said that a canonically elected pope is given all the graces he needs to fulfill his role as the visible head of the Church. I believe this is true but unless those graces become the outward sign of their rule and are used for the good of the Church and not for the purpose of satisfying the council of the wicked, those graces become compromised. Who knows if either of these two popes ever came to grips w/their weaknesses before their deaths. I certainly hope so.

  3. Thanks once again, Anthony, for bringing into the light of DAY these telling verbal/ written records of Pope St. Paul VI’s perception of Satan’s “Smoke” INSIDE the Vatican . . and beyond!

    But one can hardly imagine the “Gethsemane” Pope Paul had to pass through if one didn’t ALSO come across what he shared with Bishop Sheen [ sorry, I can only recall from memory ] concerning the flood of Priests and Religious “stepping out of their calling” . . (only to marry, NOT according to the strict perennial criteria implied in Paul VI’s recent document, Humanae Vitae, but according to lust of the flesh).

    What did Bishop Sheen quote? Pope Paul had lamented that “ . . every night I place my head on a fresh crown of thorns” . . as the countless resignations kept landing on his desk.

    My friend Raymond at that time [ mid ‘70s ] saw in Pope Paul a great Saint. His deep-seated “French Canadian” affection for, and devotion to, this Pontiff “blew me away”.

    But then, I suppose, there remained the many of a strictly political persuasion, who found it difficult —if not impossible —to see past their worldly wisdom into the heart of ANY man, and certainly of this “problematic”

    We today, however, needn’t let that stop us from confidently seeking Pope St. Paul’s intercession, seeing that he IS IN HEAVEN!


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