Saturday uploads: Francis’ Real Reason For Waging War on Trads

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Francis’ war on traditionalist is due to his having an entirely different faith from the traditional Catholic faith. His own words tell us this.




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3 thoughts on “Saturday uploads: Francis’ Real Reason For Waging War on Trads

  1. You’ve heard of a Medici pope? We now have a Soros pope – except he isn’t a valid pope..

  2. I’m not certain but I suspect that God may be allowing these heresies that Francis promulgates for the purpose of getting our attention because since V2 we have been comatose and basically just following the path of least resistance w/o paying attention to the constant changes that have occurred and continue to occur in the Church, in our societies and in our overall worship of Christ who shed every ounce of his Precious Blood for us. Perhaps this is a true wake-up call before we experience a Sodom and Gomorrah chastisement which will be far worse then anything that occurred in the past. As St. Teresa of Avila has stated, “God never changes; he is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow”. What could be a more unambiguous statement than this. Of course Francis and his phony “synodal” church of the anti-christ will continue to persist until he is left to rot in his own filth. Do not be afraid; stand w/Christ and he will stand w/you. Put on the armor of God, find a traditional Catholic Church even if you have to travel and pray for courage to be the person he meant you to be. God bless.

  3. Concerning the “Babylonian Captivity” article by Rev. Moldenhauer, to “teach the
    sacraments without faith” is an impossibility from the Roman Catholic perspective.
    It’s a Lutheran “red herring”, a FALSE dichotomy (if my analogies are correct).

    Once Baptized, a Catholic subsequently receives every other Sacrament —at the
    appropriate time, PROPERLY PREPARED —’IN FAITH”, the same Faith which
    led him/her into the FULLNESS of the Faith BY MEANS OF that FIRST Sacrament:

    Peter was given “the Keys” by Christ . . “Whose sinS you shall forgive .. retain . . etc.”
    Luther was not. Nor was any other heresiarch.

    This TRUE authority, coming from Christ, has proceeded throughout the ages
    in an unbroken succession of Vicars, and Bishops under those Popes.

    My wife and I, some years ago, sponsored a young lady who was received into
    the Church because of her conviction that the Church’s
    Papal legacy WAS and IS unbroken. What immensely helped her were the images
    of each and every Pope —from Peter down to the then- reigning Pontiff, John Paul II —
    placed in a glassed-in case at the back of our parish, St. Peter’s Basilica in London,
    Ontario (Canada).

    . . UNbroken, that is, until the problematic (Arch?) Bishop from Argentina showed up.
    He had already been rejected as papabili by Jesuit General Fr. Kolvenbach, who had
    carefully checked Bergoglio’s “track record” and had found him seriously wanting in
    sine-qua-non qualifications for being elected Pope.

    But the Church’s Papal Legacy REMAINS unbroken, not only because Pope Benedict XVI
    defended the “Hermanutic of Continuity”. The “Church’s ONE Foundation IS [ and remains ]
    Jesus Christ Our Lord”. This can NEVER be broken . . or “ruptured”!. In fact it is Jesus Christ
    alone, the Church’s one foundation, King over all, who can “crash” the Gates of Hell —come
    that moment —and assign Satan and his hordes to the Eternal Pit.

    For really shook-up yet still Faithful Catholics, “Frankie needs a walloping spankie
    each time he’s about to utter more rupturing ambivalence!”



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