Francis Praises The Demonic Work Of Fr James Martin, SJ

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He’s only condemning souls to the pit. What’s the big deal, right?




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2 thoughts on “Francis Praises The Demonic Work Of Fr James Martin, SJ

  1. When the Hebrews were being slaughtered when they were prohibited from fighting on the Sabbath , the Maccabees stood up & ACTED, despite the general divine prohibition, because they knew the commandment was being used as a weapon, reversing its meaning. When any Catholic says “The laity really can’t do anything,” then they act just like the Hebrews who thought they were powerless to offer combat on the Sabbath.
    The laity MUST act, and must stop this infantile “I can’t do anything because the Church requires it to come from authority”: the ordinary organs of action in the Church are paralyzed, atrophied, and completely dissolved by this cancer. They are not going to be cured of this: they are dead. The Maccabees option, to remove bishops and cardinals and to find those priests who ARE orthodox & declare THEM bishops, is the only possible course to take.
    How do you think the Arian crisis was solved?It wasn’t solved because the faithful just “prayed” until the local heretic decided to change his mind.

  2. In regard to your answer to the question of whether or not the upper clergymen who do have the duty to respond to the horror of codifying sodomy as an acceptable part of Catholic teaching which is NOT found anywhere within the Holy Magisterium of the true Church, I agree; they will not respond. They are part of the problem and should be told publicly that they are in grave sin for not doing their duty. As a result of this dereliction of duty, I would say that they, along w/the Francis and all the apostate bishops, are in schism and should be avoided.


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