We Must Fight Those Who Try To Destroy The Faith, Says Bishop Strickland

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A generally peaceful letter that has a couple of hard hitting statements in it that will possibly get the bishop in (more) trouble with Rome.




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2 thoughts on “We Must Fight Those Who Try To Destroy The Faith, Says Bishop Strickland

  1. Bishop Strickland stepping into Archbishop Vigano’s
    role? Well . . not so much that as proclaiming the Truth 
    —the Faith —”in season and out of season”.

    If the Pastoral Letters of Faithful Bishops are “spicy”
    it is only because all other missives of Modernists
    —by comparison —amount to not only dumbed-down
    Catholicism but erroneous NON-Catholicism.

    With REAL Heaven and REAL Hell as the final moment
    of a redeemed human life facing ETERNITY, nothing
    short of the FULLNESS of the Truths of the Deposit of
    Faith will “cut it”.

    I would say that the “Spiciness” OF MODERNISTS
    entertains, whereas the Catholic Church and her
    Faith SUSTAINS.

    St. Elizabeth of the Trinity [ Dijon Carmelite; died
    1906 ] discovered, and taught with her life, that
    “Heaven begins on Earth . . IN FAITH “.

    But so does Hell, by rejecting the Faith.

    Our destiny, one way or ‘t other, through co-operation
    with Grace or through its rejection, is a firm irreversible

    By the way, Anthony, hasn’t Bishop Strickland’s Pastoral
    Letter —as well as his first —reached the terminus of
    “ReturnToTradition”? He presents, and briefly lays out, the
    Faith which the Baptized [ Confirmed; Married; Ordained ]
    believe and live by.

    His letter —both this one and his first one — is the arrival
    by Ecclesial “UPS and FEDEX” of the return to Tradition, i.e.,
    of the whole Catholic Catechism.

  2. Most Loved Anthony ,

    Amen, Amen, and Amen,

    Thanks be to God for Bishop Strickland and those like him, inspired by Truth and Courage.

    It is really quite something when True Knowledge is presented with the disclaimer it might be “spicy” . Who would have thought that Christ’s institution of His Church and the sacramental gifts would become “controversial”?

    It is unbelievable. FEAR by “woke” cancellation is the operative spirit “unleashed” by His priests !! AND , for upper management to unleash fear, it means that fear has entered them !!! Francis and his cohorts have invited fear to occupy their minds ( made memories based on fear ) AND they then create new memories which rely draw upon the spirits of intimidation , confusion, obfuscation , power, and heresy . By affect , and in effect , they give themselves to be channels of darkness – to be used as instruments of darkness. They make themselves to be unwitting idiot apes !!! . They create for themselves , for “he” who whispers in their ears , an ape church.

    YET , Jesus is the same now , yesterday, and forever. He is God . Being Gos may He grant Bishop Strickland and His remnant freedom from all fear . Christ has broken the chains and all bondage .
    It’s not about anyone’s career. It’s about leading souls to Christ, The Fountain of Living Water , The Source of all Grace and Infinite Mercy . It’s His Blood that prevents the Father’s eyes from seeing judgment. May Bishop Strickland and all Bishops speak His Truth’s boldly to all peoples .

    Blessings, Raphael ( aka Dr.Scott )


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