7 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: FR Altman Declares In New Video: Francis Is Not The Pope!

  1. Church and State
    The last Papal Conclave and the last U.S. Presidential Election have a lot in common. Both were most likely rigged and the rightful winner was denied office but this means nothing in practicality if the people with knowledge and power to set things straight don’t step up to the plate and expose prosecute the usurpers!

    Until that happens, my opinion, your opinion and the opinion of a Wisconsin priest don’t mean “a hill of beans”!

    Don’t get me wrong, Fr. Altman can be commended for speaking out and listing the heresies and other irregularities of Jorge Bergoglio, but it changes nothing. The Catholic and non-catholic world still view and treat him as THE Pope.

    If history is any indicator, it will take a future duly elected Pope, Council, judicial trial and proclamation of whether or not Francis is / was truly Pope. Short of Jesus Christ Himself returning and “clearing the Vatican temple”, this will take years (if ever)

    Does anyone know of any approved Marian predictions of an anti-pope who
    steals the office of Pope?

    Or, has Our Blessed Mother commented on the present Pope Francis…good or bad?

    Whilst we are constantly reminded to pray, fast and offer up reparation for man’s sins, Heaven itself seems conspicuously and directly silent and unconcerned about Pope Francis and that he seems to be fulfilling the role of the “False Shepherd” of the End Times.

    I am thankful for Return to Tradition and we do have Vigano, Schneider, Sarah, Burke and a few others who I view as “gifts from God” to enlightened us in these confusing and discomforting times.

    Most predictions that I have read (including St. Malachy and Fatima 3rd secret) suggests a very GOOD and faithful pope will defend and suffer for the Faith amidst attack.

    1. Trumark, thanks for a very thorough, succinct drone-view
      of the big picture !

    2. The Book of Revelation would like a word with you. Here is a certain figure that directs worship to the antichrist, and Fulton Sheen spoke about this figure.

      Mary prophesied the great apostasy in the Church. It is dogma of the faith that the Church is indefectible because of what Jesus said about Peter being the rock,p. So if the apostasy in the Church is in Rome it’s because Peter is not there.

  2. I agree with Fr. Altman. As a heretic Bergoglio is outside the Church. Not posting to debate. Just stating a fact.

    1. It is not even a DISPUTABLE fact. It is without a doubt as Fr Altman reads off only TWENTY of the moments that demonstrate he is a false teacher and outside the Church. To stand back in fear & talk about canon law, as if there were some ambiguity when the FACTS ARE NOT IN DISPUTE is the same cowardly behavior of the people in the crowd in “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.

  3. “Off the top”, Fr. Altman is basing his radical
    conclusions on the PERMANENT authority—
    and, therefore, the permanent, ALWAYS applicable
    validity and binding nature of their statements—
    of a DOGMATIC Council of the Church.

    But, IS Jorge Bergoglio “the Pope”, especially
    given his POLITICALLY-MANOEUVRED election
    during what was supposed to be a NON-political
    Ecclesial Conclave ?

    Unless the College of Cardinals TOGETHER declare
    to the contrary, Francis REMAINS, occupying the
    Chair of St. Peter, whether playing “Pope”, or Aping
    Christ’s Vicar, or —in fact! —destroying Christ and
    His Church while building a false christ and a false
    church, an IDOL.

    Only God can JUDGE a [ true ] Pope . . which leaves
    the question: “Does God leave it up to the College of
    Cardinals to REMOVE a BAD Pope, or an imposter?
    Neither the Laity nor the Ordinary Hierarchy can
    [ mind you, I’m NOT a Canon Lawyer, nor are the
    vast majority of Laity. Nor can the College of
    Cardinals suddenly switch to a non-Ecclesial
    political entity and non-canonically sick the
    guy out.

    We pray for Francis morning AND evening. That’s
    our tiny input-in-Faith to God . . Who is INCAPABLE
    of “missing a trick”. St. Joseph, MIRROR OF
    PATIENCE, pray for us.


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