American Cardinal Decries ‘Prophets Of Doom’ Who Oppose The Synod

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The original ‘prophets of doom’ remarks came from John XXIII, who was not a fan of the Fatima message.




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7 thoughts on “American Cardinal Decries ‘Prophets Of Doom’ Who Oppose The Synod

  1. Once again, so completely well said, Anthony!

    Prophets of doom? . . is like saying —in this
    Blase Cupich context —that the musical group
    bravely playing beautiful and appropriate hymns
    on the tail-end of the Titanic WHILE it was
    sinking, was WAISTING THEIR TIME. These
    acomplished musicians were offering their
    BEST . . in the teeth of SURE disaster.

    Speakiing the truth about “synodality” and its
    “synod” is no different. For Christ’s Church and
    His Faithful, that “synod” and its “occupants”
    constitute a “Titanic” bound for “Davy Jones’s

    @3:40ff ” . . for the church to be true to itself,
    we must act in a more synodal way . . ”

    Dust and ashes ! !

    ” . . to help guid our discussion . . ”

    More discussion. More talk.

    ” . . (preparing for) the upcoming synod on synodality”

    Discussion on steroids: the “Ape” parroting the
    exact “Catholic Thing” coined by St. John Chrysostom.

    They’ll be blinded by their own “cloud of unknowing”.

    Blase Cupich? . . blazing away? . . an American
    Cardinal? . . rusty hinge, eventually to break of the
    door-post of the College . . thereby allowing a lot
    more of the hurricane of change in!

    @6:20 ff ” . . align both [ Church teaching and practise ]
    with S E C U L A R ideas and result in schism.” Exactly!
    Chicago’s Bergoglian has just detailed their own

    Fear tactics by the Faithful? I don’t think so! Rather
    their honesty calling a [ very black ] Spade a “Spade”.

    1. Improvement: ” They ARE blinded by their own
      ‘cloud of unknowing'”.

  2. Cardinals do not wear red to show willingness to shed blood. A priest is least likely to die for the Faith if he gets a red hat. The position is administrative and political, not established by Our Lord. Cupich shows it is today a bawdy house doorkeeper’s epaulet.

    1. @Wendell
      Not sure where you get your sources.
      Cardinals have been the wearing the colour red since 1400’s. The office itself dates from the very early Middle Ages.

      “Pope Benedict told them that the red signifies the dignity of their new office and that they must be ready ‘even to the point of spilling your blood for the increase of the Christian faith, for peace and harmony among the people of God, for freedom and the spread of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.'(1)


      Applause and tears in Basilica greet Pontiff (November 26, 2007) Belfast Telegraph. Quote: “In a ceremony televised across the world cardinal-elect Sean Brady knelt before Pope Benedict XVI and pledged his allegiance to the Church before receiving his special red birretta — a symbol of a cardinal’s dignity and willingness to shed blood for the increase of the Christian faith.”

      You write: “The position is administrative and political and not established by Our Lord”.
      So what are you saying? Are you saying that anything not found in Scripture or explicitly commanded by Jesus Christ is not to be accepted?
      I don’t recall Jesus ever commanding that the Holy Mass be in Latin or that His Holy Church be located in Rome, yet by the “power of the keys” these long held traditions were decided by early popes and prelates!

      I strongly disagree with you that because the words and actions of Cupich (and other ‘bad apples’) shows it “is today a bawdy house doorkeeper’s epaulet.”

      On the contrary, I strongly believe that before the return of Christ many good and faithful men who wear Cardinal red will fight to save the Church…even to the point of martyrdom which the scarlet red symbolizes.

      1. Dear Trumark,

        While I can agree with most which you communicate, I think you miss the point . “BEING” anything does not make the PERSON , as defined by memories and choices demonstrated to others, “holy” in physical reality . BEING, as to be “made” a Cardinal, by appointment, does not necessarily create or impart an INTERIOR Cardinal disposition . This can only manifest by an experiential life lived and the consequence of free will choices . When OBSERVANT one may notice many “administrative” Cardinals, “heretic” Cardinals , and “blasphemous” Cardinals ( throughout all of history ); a red hat is not a sacramental that disposes a guarantee ( predestination) of redemption. Cupich , my take , is a perfect example of an individual for which “caution” ( discernment ) is needed. Let’s say 85% of his vocalizations are “perfect”, but 15 % are “outrageous”. Does that mean, if the 15% harms little ones , that he invites a millstone around his neck ?

        Just Sayin , Dr.Scott

  3. A Latin Catholic Cardinal wears scarlet coloured garments (the blood-like red symbolizes a cardinal’s willingness to die for his faith), NOT for his adherence to Communism.
    Present day prelates Burke, Vigano, Schneider, Sara, Strickland and a few others follow in the footsteps of Old Testament Prophets who also were not exactly known for their cheery messages. These modern day prophets are likewise labeled “doom and gloom”. And, like prophets of Old, they provide the faithfully delivered call of repentance to the New Israel — The Church and to the nations. Their call to abandon idolatry, and embrace God’s heart of mercy and convertion, rejoice in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and anticipate God’s coming judgment and kingdom still resonate in our world today. 

    Common themes run throughout the O.T. prophets in Israel’s history, and a primary theme is restoration and conversion (from sin). The same is true today with the call of Restoration to doctrinal orthodoxy in the Church.
    Though these prophets sometimes bring words of severe Divine judgment, they also speak words of hope and ultimate renewal.
    If these faithful men acknowledge, embrace and proclaim “doom and gloom” then they are in good company, for it is the very same message that is urgently proclaimed by the Mother of God at apparition sites around the world.
    Mr. Anthony Stine aptly points out that the term “synodality” has been twisted into an obfuscation of the real purpose of the upcoming Synod which is to fundamentally change Church teaching on morality and evangelization.
    Well said Mr. Stine.

  4. Most Loved Anthony ,

    Today’s Cardinal of discussion is Red Hat Cupich ; it should be recalled that “red” is also the color of communism with the hammer and sickle the symbols of social justice. Cupich is merely the generational extension of socialism/communism into the US Catholic Church . Who preceded him ?
    Cardinal Frances George
    Cardinal Bernadine
    and Bishop Kicanas

    Who do all of them draw from in their liberation theology ? Saul Alinsky !!

    I suggest you and your subscribers watch
    “A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing” ( a EWTN production of several years ago ) . It gives the “darkside” of infiltration and exposes the roots of diviseness. Frances would do well to watch this documentary on American Hegelianism . Social Justice “agendas” have become the breast milk for demonic activity . If you are “anything” , as for the Synod being “traditional “ , then you are “rigid” ( you will not bend to the thesis – anti-thesis of Hegel’s social “progress” theory ). So , be proud , be loyal , be a voice that declare The Gospel !!!

    Cupich needs to be schooled . The Way is a pilgrimage that extends from France to Santiago De Compostella. Trails end in a jubilee year is The Door of Pardon (forgiveness) . The journey is a walk to Calvary. The means of pardon is The Cross. No amount of misdirection will obscure His Light . Cupich, for Chicago , is best equipped to be a mayor in style of Lightfoot . He should be rebuked – do not bring Chicago style US politics into the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

    Blessings , Raphael ( aka Dr.Scott )


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