Its All About Revenge

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In addition to helping his secularist, globalist buddies, Francis’ actions are about revenge.




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7 thoughts on “Its All About Revenge

  1. Amen! Cupich is an apostate, a card carrying heretic. His Conciliar/Novus ordo religion is not the Catholic religion period. Those who compromise with the modernists in any way, compromise their own faith and will pay the consequences. End of story.

  2. You speak/read too fast. Please slow down. No need to rush. The speed of your speech interferes with your enunciation and its difficult to understand you. Also, slowing down your speech evinces confidence, suggesting that you’re entirely confident in what you’re saying–that you actually believe what you’re saying. Remember: if people are interested enough to come to your site, then a 12-min post is hardly a burden on them. Adding two-minutes to it, through well-paced, calm, “unhurried” presentation (with well-placed, rhetorical pauses) is a benefit, not an imposition. I look forward to your next post.

    1. You have to be kidding, right? You really cannot understand what he is saying or are you just trying to be pedantic? is it true one of your ancestors rearranged the deck chairs on the Titanic?

  3. Here are my thoughts, not just on the state of the Church, but on the state of the world today. First, there are no “conservative prelates” any more than there are “conservative politicians.” In the same way that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are “controlled opposition” to the Democrats, Josef Ratzinger, Karol Wojtyla and Robert Sarah are “controlled opposition” to the modernists. They are stick figures established as interlocutors in a “sock puppet Hegelian dialectic” for the purpose of dissolving Western culture (i.e. Christendom) through “debate.” None of these “conservatives” have “conserved” anything because their role is not to defend but to be the instruments of their “followers'” surrender. Henry Kissinger admitted once that he saw his role as negotiating the terms of the West’s surrender to Soviet Communism. Our hope IS NOT IN MEN. As Our Lady of LaSalette warned us “the priests… by their bad life, irreverence and impiety in celebrating the holy mysteries, love of money, honors and pleasures, have become sewers of impurity.” Rome is now the seat of the antichrist as Our Lady predicted. General Petain sits on the Papal throne and he is managed by the Freemasonic occupation force. What to do? As Anthony says, ignore the priests and bishops. Priests who refuse to offer sacraments are not priests. Bishops that lock the doors of their churches are not bishops. Ignore them. Mock them. Remind them that faithful Catholics know that they are frauds and pansies. God gave us Archbishop Lefebvre, and his SSXP (although far from perfect) has preserved the Faith and its historic practice. Continue to practice the Faith by whatever means at your disposal, whether considered “regular” or “irregular” by “occupied Rome.” To Hell with what “occupied Rome” thinks or says! To Hell with what “Fr. Bob” at the parish down the street says! To Hell with them all. Leave them to God’s judgment if they insist on lying to you about the Faith. PRACTICE THE FAITH. THE ONLY TRUTH IN THE WORLD.

    1. Jarm, me boy, I think you’ve lost it. I mean, you’re lettin’ the boys
      in “occupied Rome”, “Fr. Bob down the street” cause you to sink
      so low as to end with: “TO HELL WITH . . “. You’ve thrown your
      Peace of Soul ( . . which is the DNA of our Baptized Soul) out the
      window. Indeed, DO “leave them to God’s judgement”! No one can
      consign anyone “to Hell”. Only Christ our King can. We “rank & file ” Lay men and women, our job is to CONTINUE to pray for the Church’s enemies “until 40 minutes after the Devil knows we’re
      dead” (Irish saying) . . without losing our Peace of Soul.
      Perhaps I might begin by offering a print-out of my commentaries to Jesus present on the altar, i.e. during Adoration, and then allow plenty of time (in SILENCE) for a “whispered” reply.
      It is very difficult to remain emotionally distraught during Eucharistic Adoration. Sooner or later I’ll brought into HIS Peace, HIS “Be still and know that I am God”. That’s the moment when a true “interpretation” of my printed ranting can be calmly re-visited.
      I come by my own temperamental flare-ups honestly. From my Mom. What was hers like? One evening, while she was watch the
      evening News, an item came across the screen concerning a serious crime and criminal. Mom [ May she rest in Peace ] flared up immediately: “I hope my anger lasts long enough so that I can
      give that so-and-so a persuasive piece of my mind ! ! ”
      Conversely, from the Psalms we learn that if THE LORD were
      to judge us according to desserts . . well, game over. No place on earth, under the earth . . to hide.

  4. Ah . . ! The Dictator Pope re-emerges. This time to stay. Cupich for “Unity”? Nope. Uniformity. In smiley lock-step march past,
    is how all Dictators love – expect – to see their soldiers. Certainly
    not Soldiers of Christ, who has been betrayed once again. There’s
    no Faith here. “When I return, shall I find Faith?” ‘Fraid not, Our


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