Vigano Announces Real Action

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He’s not consecrating bishops or anything, but its something more than writing letters.




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3 thoughts on “Vigano Announces Real Action

  1. Surely God will honour Archbishop Vigano’s act of real
    [ practical ] Charity on behalf of UNJUSTLY dismissed
    Priests and Religious. Even Bishop Strickland will have
    a home to go to should these interlopers cut him loose
    with no visible means of support.

  2. Most Loved Anthony,

    Hang with me on this comment. It may seem crazy depending upon what you know ( been told ) and what you may not have known.

    BTW Great reporting !!

    First , I went to and listened to Arch Bishop Vigano in his own words, English .

    Second, this organization is perfect to bring forth the cause of the Trinitarians of Mary. There is a 7 year spiritual war ongoing with the forces of Christ the High King Priest in battle against the corrupt secular judicial ( wayward servants of Christ the King ) and Church administrative ( wayward servants of Christ High priest ) . The secular judicial ( deep state ) and Church administrative ( deep church ) infiltrated , Vigano’s words , by a 5th column of tyrannical leaders (demonic infestation).

    1.Trinitarians of Mary convent confiscated because Mother Lillie “traditional “ July 2016

    2. Monastery confiscated because I gave 10k to a soup kitchen May 2016 ?

    3. Past history , 2005 I had spoken out , complaints , regarding Bishop Kicanas, in relation to his management of Tucson Diocese priest abuse crisis.

    4.2016 I become involved in legal battle Royale ( all documented Yuma Superior Court ) ; a corrupt arbitration of a disputed business in which plaintiff likely a organized crime guy ( drugs ? , fraud , money laundering). .

    5. I am defense, I hire a private investigator, who gives me an initial investigate report which conforms to the above

    6. I am told “FBI” is involved ; the LLC , plaintiff being investigated before judicial proceeding or before I hire investigator.

    7. So there is to be an arbitrator judge; plaintiff , on day of arbitrator appointment from a pool of 12 , pulls a most unusual stunt , and rejects the decided upon choice.
    Plaintiff comes with a solution , one name ,
    Mr. Russell Stowers ( his Tucson web-site now has a disclaimer permanently closed )

    8. My attorney advises “go with it “ ; against my better judgement , knowing I had an investigator, knowing FBI “watching” , I say “yes”.

    9. So, first action that Arbitrator makes is to make plaintiff Manager of disputed LLC.

    10.Plantiff, on day named “Manager, declares to staff “I won” and then removes me from any responsibility for financials , removes me as signer of bank accounts of a 50/50 business, and declares to Court, as well as anyone who might listen, that Dr. Forrer is the crook.

    11. So plaintiff, “in control” ( Satan enters him ) and for the next 12 months steals 250k from the business and files a fraudulent tax return for the business.

    12. What’s that got to do with Trinitarians of Mary ? Since I under surveillance by FBI the 10k, as a personal expenditure I made, becomes scrutinized in an investigation of financial crimes ( all monies and money transfers are being surveilled )

    13. I believe that this is then told to the Tiajana Bishop as my donation might compromise Trinitarians of Mary ? INTERESTINGLY a pipe line Co. from Alberta Canada ( keystone type people )
    showed up at the Monastery and committed to the whole project two weeks after I gave seed money !!!! I understand they then backed out after or as minestrone is being confiscated.

    14.BUT Tiajuana Bishop called it an internal dispute when he confiscated monastery ( beautiful property ) and Trinitarians, I understand, believe it’s because of perpetual Adoration and advocacy of His Real Presence ( it is Christ The King High Priest who is being offended) It is the Trinitarians and Mother Lillie who speak His Love and declare right living ( speak out against priests with double lives ) . AND all variables can be true at the same time !!!

    15. It doesn’t matter if related to my donation or not , I had also spoken out against priests living double lives in Tucson 2005 as an abuse victim , spiritual , in a parish with intergenerational abusive priests , 4 of them , DEMONIC )

    So that’s quite a story to share with Vigano.
    It already has reached the ear of Francis, all investigated by the papal nuncio of Mexico .

    Therefore, Francis knows of a corrupt legal proceeding in the United States annd knows how that injures a traditionalist ( lay consecrate of Trinitarians of Mary ) , and does not speak out to defend or support either !!! Frances coddles to Biden generated corruption?
    This whole story , as crazy as it seems, written by The Holy Spirit. My opinion, this story reaches into the US attorney Genrals office as one Corrupt Judge in a local superior court can has impacts upon the Department of Justice when FBI involved.

    Happy to share more. Put me in contact with ArchBishop Vigano.

    Blessings, Raphael ( aka Dr.Scott )

  3. As I see this ongoing destruction of the true Catholic faith, it is and has been a carefully crafted plan to destroy the faith. Once again I must say this was and is a global plan to become one with the world e.i. the One World Church of the Anti-Christ. And how did these enemies of the faith manage to accomplish so much in the 60+ years that they’ve been at this? Through the evil intent and actions of division both within and outside the faith. In other words through disunity. By creating disunity among the faithful, they have been extremely successful in obtaining their goal. So any attempt by Vigano or others w/bringing the faithful back to the true faith, there must be a serious and dedicated plan to bring the clergy and the laity back to the origins of the true faith. Please understand this will mean facing persecution, denial and fierce push back from the powers that be both inside and outside the faith. There are those who will protest against the revelation that the true faith cannot and will not be found in the current Novus Ordo church who are obstinate in their insistence that it is VALID despite the objective reality that it is a counterfeit church set up by those modernists who infiltrated the V2 Council. IF we’re not willing to stand up for the truth and suffer for the faith, we cannot be counted among the living faithful of Christ who suffered and died for us.


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