The Modernists Are Ecstatic About Francis’ New Doctrine Chief

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And perhaps most bizarrely of all, some conservatives in the Novus Ordo defend him and accuse us of misrepresenting his Satanic poetry.




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2 thoughts on “The Modernists Are Ecstatic About Francis’ New Doctrine Chief

  1. DDF needs a known quantity to codify the Sin Nod results upcoming from their final coven. Sauron is on the march.

  2. Surprised by this turn of events? [ @11:40 ] For about
    a milli-second; rather expected, truth be told. Was
    Fernandez ghost-writer also for your earlier Papal
    quote? Being snarky here, Anthony. We DO appreciate
    you unpacking this worst of the worse.

    So, now that we can expect non-interfered-with loose
    “poetic” living as the default order of the day, what
    makes Bergoglio think that his new “dogma” —and
    Dogma chief —will not ALSO become “rigid” ?

    Our long-forgotten guru, Sigmund Freud, had
    observed that addiction to (disordered) sex always
    turns into A FIXATION ON DEATH.

    Is Bergoglio NOT drifting a now anchorless Church
    towards the “Niagara Fals” precipice?

    @ 0:35 ” . . Tucho . . ” ??

    Right ! . . “Tucho”, however and whenever and wherever you like.

    St. John Bosco, veteran unwilling visitor to Hell,
    Pray for us ! ! !


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